This year is full of surprises. Health and wellness will trend towards more accessible healthcare, preventative treatments and mental wellness. Here are 10 development to follow in 2020

1. Circadian Health

Wellness culture is obsessed with sleep hygiene, analyzing the quality of our rest, and if we’re getting enough of it. In 2020, however, the approach to sleep will change.

Research shows that our circadian rhythm, our natural response to light and dark, plays a more significant role in our health than previously thought. From metabolic health to our immune system, there will be an array of products and information relating to circadian health optimization.

2. Mental Wellness

Mental health is less taboo today than it was even five years ago. Research suggests that millennials prefer telehealth communications over traditional care options. With the rise of health apps, more people will be seeking out professional therapy services digitally, from app services like TalkSpace to anonymous online support groups.

3. IV Therapy

We all know that drinking enough water is one of the best things we can do for our health and one of the easiest. For individuals who struggle with dehydration due to autoimmune issues or other health disorders, IV therapy can be a great solution. Hydration treatments deliver electrolytes direct to the patient’s bloodstream, managing dehydration immediately. 

4. Fertility Care

People are getting married later in life, and the average age to have a baby has gone up from twenty-one years old to twenty-six. As a result, reproductive medicine and supplements that boost fertility will be more popular than ever this year.

5. Music Therapy

Studies show that music can help people relax before sleep or focus while working on a substantial project. 2020 will see a significant rise in interest in how sound affects mental health, including listening to rain, forest noises and ocean waves.

6. Air Purification

Americans spend an average of 90% of their lives indoors. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time inside their homes than ever before. Concerns over indoor pollution will continue to take priority, as consumers look for non-toxic cleaning solutions and natural products.

7. Lymphatic Health

In 2020, we’re paying attention to our lymphatic system. Experts link lymphatic health to reduced inflammation, managing digestive issues and combating disease. While several lymphatic drainage treatments have been around for a while, including lymphatic massage for cancer patients, the focus on this trend will continue to rise in the next few months.

8. Sustainable Beauty

In response to consumer concerns over billions of little plastic containers polluting the environment, the skincare industry is stepping it up when it comes to green products. Whether it’s natural ingredients or recycled packaging, look for tons of new sustainable beauty products on the market this year.

9. Home Fitness

More people are skipping the gym and working out from home. With plenty of fitness influencers out there showing how to exercise without equipment and limited space, people are choosing to save the gym membership money and try out new forms of exercise.

10. Wellness Accessibility

Brands are paying attention to how they reach consumers, with 70% of millennials preferring brands that emphasize diversity and inclusion. Representing people of color is a chronic issue in the wellness industry, but that is beginning to change. The health sector is now looking for better ways to communicate with all communities.

Top Trends to Keep an Eye On

The health and wellness industry is continually shifting, and this year is no exception. From improved sleep to sustainable products, 2020 will be a year focusing on the inclusion of everyone, including those stuck at home.