Modern Living Interior

Places need to look and feel a certain way to be considered posh: they must offer you an experience. Luxury isn’t only about spa days, alluring brands, and fancy vacation resorts either; it ultimately needs to encompass your own house. Whether you are planning to purchase a new house or have one already, we’ll take you through some must-haves for luxurious spaces so that you can spruce up yours.


1. Bright, White, and Neutral spaces

When one imagines contemporary luxurious homes, brilliantly illuminated spaces with white and nude tones come to mind. Whereas we know every owner has a unique color preference and many just follow trends, whites, nudes, and neutrals are timeless. Unlike a yellow wall, you won’t have to fret about the color of every furniture item to own before painting a room in these colors either: these tones are incredibly forgiving with respect to the colors you can match with them. Monochromatic, light tones make spaces look airy and well-lit – two essentials for deluxe rooms. 


2. Use Heights and Oversize

Whether it be a sizable four-person door or a larger-than-usual couch, you’ll note that all places claiming to be opulent often have oversized installations; this is a way to modify one’s perception and make the space appear magnanimous. If you’re getting a new place, mimic this technique. Make your windows and doors large and use plush, oversized couches and chairs. On the other hand, if you have no plans to renovate just yet, a good tip is to hang the curtains higher up, near the ceiling, to make the windows appear taller. Broader headboards and a few elephantine chairs will add to the effect and make your house appear stately. 


3. Light and Sparkles

Plain fixtures won’t do the job if you’re aiming for your house to scream lavishness. Similarly, dull finishing touches will merely make your place seem imposing. You need to use light and sparkles wisely. Get a glitzy chandelier for that high ceiling, get those lamps out and use them, put candle stands on your dining table, and use glass and crystal crockery. It’s easy to lose yourself in this step, but beware, going overboard with the sparkle will negate the majesty of the space rather than add to it. 


4. Pillows and Padding 

Luxury shouldn’t merely be about visuals; comfort is just as necessary. Cloud-like pillows and cushions work wonderfully in this regard and are incredibly easy to incorporate. Swap out aged, thin ones for the largest, fluffiest cushions you can find, and add in some extras for good measure. Padded headboards and furniture will enhance the look and feel of comfort in the house and elevate your living experience.


5. Artwork and Antiques

Spaces void of creativity can look dull instead of timeless, so the right art is essential if you want a stately place. The living room is probably the best place in a house to display large, elaborate artworks and antique pieces, and hallways work just as well. We’ll strongly urge you to let go of the motivational texts on your kitchen wall; opt for illustrations, preferably timeless ones, rather than fonts, and you’ll notice immediate improvements in the aesthetic. Abstract paintings, sculpted mannequins, and bronzed decor will add a hint of mystery and speak of old riches.


6. Silken Materials

Nothing speaks of luxury more than surfaces silky to the touch. Whether it’s the sheets on your bed or the curtains of your living room, incorporate softness within them. Use silk, satin, and velvet and build up textures. Make sure not to go overboard with just a single material, as that can end up looking garish. Mix mattes and glossy finishes and let the textile ensemble speak for itself.


7. Metal and Wood

The frames around your paintings, the handles on your doors, and the faucets in your sink all add up to complete the look. Painting such fixtures in purely matte colors can sometimes take the radiance away; we recommend using gleaming metals or well-polished woods. Make sure the tones complement each other; for example, light gold looks more radiant against white but may not do your flat peach wall any favors.


8. Glass and Mirrors

Rooms without windows or mirrors can look bleak and cramped. Large windows opening to blue skies add to the grandiosity of a house. Tall and wide mirrors make space appear larger than it is in the same way. 

If you’re getting a new place constructed, we’ll recommend using floor-to-ceiling windows. Otherwise, adding mirrors is always an option. Frameless mirrors in a multitude of shapes, like a dome, circular, squared, or rectangular, can make your rooms appear spacious, whereas ornately framed ones can elevate your decor. Antique-themed frames in gold or bronze work great to add a touch of old luxury to a space as well. If you have the capacity to renovate, you can try incorporating glass walls. 


9. Storage Spaces

If there’s one thing all luxurious spaces share, it’s the lack of clutter. Now, whereas a detailed declutter requires time, dedication, and focus, a much more convenient way is getting more storage space. Hidden storage doesn’t take up space and lets you stow all the belongings away neatly. You can also opt for dedicated storage rooms if you have the capacity: walk-in closets and separate makeup rooms just add to a posh lifestyle. 


10. Bathrooms

Upscale living involves pampering and indulgent bathing spaces, so you can simply not ignore your bathroom when adding luxury to your house. Go for warm, dim lights, and have some scented candles nearby for sensuous, long baths. Choose a floating vanity, and incorporate a large mirror. Nothing will take away from a comfortable experience as much as leaky or rusting faucets, so keep an eye out and get repairs or replacements done as soon as you need to. 



A home must reflect its owner’s tastes and personality to feel complete. Look around for signs negating the factors we mentioned, and you’ll be able to pinpoint what’s taking away from your experience. If you want to revamp your house to make it more deluxe, going to just one store won’t help. We suggest going to a home show to see the latest, updated productions in just a trip so that you can decide on the best fixtures and installations for your place.