A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Swedish sleep retailer Hästens offers luxurious bedding and handcrafted beds designed to give the best night’s sleep attainable.

Established in 1852, Hästens, the premium Swedish sleep retailer, provide luxury sleeping apparats for customers who appreciate true quality and luxury.

The firm offer a full complement of products designed to cultivate a perfect night’s sleep, including bed frames, mattresses, bed linens and pillowcases and even sleepwear, to ensure every aspect of your night’s sleep is perfectly crafted. They also offer a deluxe range of products for children.

Hästens, whose longstanding purpose has been to create ‘the best sleep in the world’, use only highly trained and skilled craftsmen to create their bespoke range of beds and bedding. None of their products are mass produced using machines because, although this is a cheaper method it does not reflect the high quality needed to produce a perfect night’s sleep.

Traditional methods are used in combination with pure, natural materials such as the finest pure flax, cotton and wool, the highest quality Swedish pine and genuine, hypoallergenic horsehair, to create sumptuous, natural and luxuriant bedding.

The company has the honour of supplying bedding to the Swedish Royal Court, a privilege which they have undertaken since the 1950s and which illustrates the superior quality which Hästens provides. The company also received the Swedish Trade Council’s annual export award in 2006 and in 1953 the Swedish America Line bought Hästens mattresses for the M/S Gripsholm. All of these triumphs highlight the luxury and innovation in bedding which Hästens has been providing and honing for many years.

Hästens products are designed for longevity in addition to comfort, with the beds built to last for at least 25 years, whilst retaining the same level of comfort throughout that time. The company also offers a bespoke aftercare service, with customers able to log on to an account on the ‘My Hästens’ section of the firm’s website, allowing them to register their bed, access expert product care and services designed to help them find the perfect product tailored to their individual needs.