All Good Things Come in Pears

A stylish solution for people with more than one mobile.

2014 was the year when the number of mobile devices in the world outnumbered the number of humans for the first time. Therefore it is no surprise people carrying more than one mobile is an increasingly common phenomenon. Many professionals who frequently travel abroad for work now need to stay connected via different cellular networks, while for others, carrying two mobile phones is the key to managing a healthy work/life balance and keeping work and private life separate.

Until now there has not been a solution that allows the people to carry two mobile devices safely and accessibly in one stylish case, but help is at hand from a new innovative, luxury dual phone case, PearPeel! PearPeel cases are quality products, designed in Britain. Perfect for use with BlackBerry, iPhone and many other smartphone handset models, PearPeel dual phone cases are designed to be both stylish and practical. Made from the highest quality Eco Verde leather, the cases are rich in colour with a natural grain in the leather texture, to give each item a true luxury feel. PearPeel cases enable users to call, message, browse and charge two mobile handsets while still in the case, but each device can also be removed in seconds to be used separately.

The cases also offer the option of a stylish credit card and money holder that can be attached to the case at times when you only need one handset. Users are able to choose a style that suits their personal needs, with the option of one, two or no camera aperture, and models either with strap, ideal for users who keep devices in a bag, or without to make it as slim line as possible for individuals who keep it in their pocket.

The protective separator in all PearPeel cases also doubles as a stand for mobile devices, enabling users to either watch media or make a video call hands-free with either of their phones without removing from the case. Aside from being a play on the founder’s own name, the brand PearPeel comes from the fact that pears of course go well with Apple and BlackBerry, the peel is the protective skin, and the cases will safely hold a pair of devices.