Create An Outdoor Haven In The Urban Jungle

Summer in a city can be stifling due to the oppressive heat and crowds, and any outdoor space at home is something to prize. It’s therefore so important if you do have space to make the most of it and create an outdoor haven where you can escape to relax.

Maximising the use of space in small urban gardens or balconies can be tricky, but with a little know-how it’s possible to create something wonderful. Trex, the eco-friendly decking brand, offers an ideal solution, with its extensive range of high-performance composite decking which requires minimal upkeep, and colours to suit every taste.

Following are some tips from the experts at Trex for turning even the smallest urban garden into an outdoor oasis:

1)     Planning is key: Consider how the space will primarily be used – perhaps for relaxing at the end of the day, cooking and entertaining, or as children’s play space? Once you have a clear picture of how you would like to use the space it will be much easier to design the garden of your dreams.


2)     Consider the surface: While grass is a popular and traditional garden surface, it’s not always the best choice for small gardens. It struggles in a lack of sunlight, a common problem in smaller gardens often overshadowed by neighbouring buildings. Decking offers a practical and stylish alternative. Unlike wooden boards, Trex composite decking won’t rot, warp, crack, split or splinter, making it perfect for bare feet, children and pets. Trex decking also is incredibly low maintenance, and only requires an occasional soap-and-water cleaning to retain its beauty and performance year after year.


3)     Create privacy: A widespread concern for people with small urban gardens is a lack of privacy, as surrounding buildings may overlook them. Arches or pergolas paired with climbing plants can create a sensation of seclusion and privacy without feeling confining, and will form the perfect setting for a cosy seating area.


4)     Create zones to add interest and make space feel larger: Make the most of your space by dedicating areas for different purposes, such as grilling, conversation and play. Use arches, furnishings and plants to separate areas effectively. Having defined functional areas creates the illusion of a larger space and prevents the area from feeling cluttered.


–           Prices start from Β£75mΒ² including VAT (tax) and secret fixings

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