Honey, I’M Coming Home – Absolut Honey Drives Buzz In Travel Retail

Absolut proudly introduces Absolut Honey, the latest Travel Retail exclusive limited edition flavor to join the innovative brand family. The new premium honey-flavored vodka captures the liveliness of summer nights in a selection of fresh cocktails. Directly speaking to travellers with the slogan “Honey, I’m coming home” on its iconic bottle, Absolut Honey will be launched with an interactive digital campaign that invites modern globe-trotters around the world to share a taste of their travels.

Like all Absolut flavors, Absolut Honey is carefully crafted with all natural ingredients and boasts a mellow taste of golden honey for a smooth and fruity finish. Absolut has created five signature cocktails to support the launch, each evoking the feeling of an endless summer. Leading the line-up is the season’s hero serve: clean and fresh Absolut Honey & Tea, accompanied by Absolut Juicy Honey, Absolut Honey Kiss, Absolut Honey Choc, and Absolut Honey Ru-Bee.

Featuring the message “Honey, I’m coming home” the Absolut Honey bottle gives it instant standout as a product as perfect for sharing as it is for a distinctive gift. The iconic Absolut bottle is given a limited edition design in honeycomb hues for a bold motif, which will also be carried through in eye catching point of sale materials in the distinctive modern urban style Absolut is known for.
Absolut Honey will be further supported across social media channels with an engaging digital campaign that takes selfies to the next level. A bespoke digital in-store selfie experience takes a series of snaps and converts them into a “Honey, I’m Coming Home” GIF that travellers can instantly share via social media.
Pia Hägglöf, Global Brand Manager Absolut said: “Creating an exciting product and a unique brand experience is what Absolut is recognised for across the globe – and that’s what we have achieved with Absolut Honey. It has been crafted with a bold new honey taste, whilst the iconic Absolut bottle artistically expresses the core essence of the flavor.” Absolut Honey is all about the essence of a laid back summer and that’s what we have captured within this limited edition vodka.”

Absolut is the ultimate pioneer and innovator in the spirits industry as it introduces a product and experience for urban-globetrotters that is completely unique.
Absolut Honey is now available in Singapore Changi Airport and will be shipped globally across Pernod Ricard Travel Retail markets (Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and India) from 1st April 2015