Keepsakes – the new charm collection from Links of London

Keepsakes by Links of London consists of a range of collectible new charms, designed in rose, yellow and white gold as well as silver and inlaid with semi-precious stones such as mother of pearl and precious stones of finely set pavé diamonds.

Illustrate your path through life with charms and let each mark an important memory to cherish. These charms are timeless, with unexpected beautiful details. Some open as lockets while others have hidden engraved messages or the option to personalise with your own message directly on to the charm or on secret pieces of paper encased within.


With each charm an exquisite entity in its own right why not wear it as a pendant necklace; a new alternative way to style your very own ‘Keepsakes’.  Simply loop a number of charms onto our horseshoe, star or heart charm catchers and thread onto a chain to build a collection of special moments to keep close to your heart. There are infinite ways to wear these charms – with the catchers, clustered on chains or looped on to our new multi-wrap cord bracelets. Stacked together they can bring to life a timeline of moments – unique and fun. Worn individually they allow you to symbolise that one standout moment – romantic and enduring; a special trinket necklace.

Keepsakes is a complete new world of Links of London charms with added sophistication and iconic design motifs to create a truly sentimental collection. Many charms bring to life those traditional British idioms such as ‘Sweeter than Honey’, ‘One day I’ll fly away’ and ‘Reach for the Moon’. 

Classic icons celebrating love, luck, wishes and hope; Keepsakes allows you to tell your story through delicate and symbolic charms and lets you accessorise your life’s moments.