Panasonic Launches High Definition Headphones, Creating the Ultimate High Resolution Audio Experience

Panasonic has launched its High-Resolution Headphones RP-HD10, designed to provide a rich, detailed audio experience wherever you are. Newly developed by Panasonic, and incorporating innovative engineering expertise, the High Resolution technology is designed for the sophisticated listener, delivering clear treble, mid-range and bass for the finest sound quality, bringing clarity to every note.

Unique sound enhancement for a premium audio experience

The HD10’s feature 50mm HD driver units for powerful bass sound and a new material multi-layer film diaphragm which ensures that you can enjoy high resolution audio in every situation.

Consisting of high polymer materials, elasticity and internal sound loss in the diaphragm are minimised, ensuring high frequency reproduction of up to 50kHz. Every tone from the symphonies of classical music, or the robust beats of hip hop, can be heard; rich, sharp and defined.

A departure from traditional build, Panasonic has introduced a Polylacticacid (PLA) driver chassis which supresses resonance from the driver, sending crisp sound waves into the ear enhancing the rich quality of the audio experience.

Designed to be the perfect fit

For guaranteed comfort and accurate fit, the HD10’s offer greater flexibility to suit your individual requirements. The horizontal slide adjuster enables the headband to be comfortably positioned over the head, without impacting the position of the ear pads over the ear.

Mathias Noetzold, Product Manager AV Accessory & Recording Media said, “In the past high resolution sound quality was not widely considered when developing products for music consumption. In recent years, as digital bandwidth has improved and there is greater depth within sound waves, it is essential for consumers to have the ultimate listening experience.

Panasonic always strives to develop new technology and we’re proud to offer listeners a more defined and sophisticated High Resolution audio experience enabling everyone to fully absorb the quality and depth of their music.”

Product specifications:

Model No   RP-HD10
Type  High-resolution Headphones
Driver Unit  50.0mm
Impedance  18 Ω
Sensitivity  92 dB/mW
Power handling capacity  1500mW *IEC
Frequency response  4Hz – 50kHz
Cord length  1.2m & 3.0m detachable
Plug  3.5mm Gold plated with 6.3mm plug adaptor
Colour  Black