Perfume as Art

Artist Paul Schutze Launches Perfume House.

Paul Schütze, the artist perfumer, announces the launch of his eponymous perfume line.

The first three fragrances – Tears of Eros; Cirebon and Behind the Rain – evoke specific moments of time and space. Fleeting and ephemeral – they are specific olfactory memories that the artist has endeavoured to capture and recreate.

Each of the three unisex perfumes has a unique story.

Schütze – who has been developing perfume in the context of his work and was recently a finalist in the Art & Olfaction Awards in LA – created each of the perfumes himself and developed a process that mirrors his approach to creating an artwork.

“All my work as an artist, regardless of the medium, has been about capturing ephemeral, elusive, moments and locations; places and memories which change and evolve even as we try to recall them. What better material to express these fugitive qualities than perfume: a direct line to the unconscious mind, trigger of memories and waking dreams.” Paul Schütze.

The Perfumes:

Tears of Eros

Schütze was working in his Paris studio on a cold January evening – window open. Incense from Sanju Sangendo in Kyoto had recently burnt; discarded broken clementine skin and a hyacinth in early bloom perched on the artist’s desk. A full moon shone light and a breeze collected and merged the smells.

Tears of Eros is Schütze’s attempt to recreate that unique olfactory moment. Notes: frankincense, clementine, vetiver, green incense.


Some years ago Schütze was visiting the island of Java. It was a clear evening, the sounds of a gamalan orchestra drifted like jewels across the water. The otherworldly music perfumed the air with phantoms while hallucinations inscribed themselves across the night sky.

Cirebon is Schütze’s attempt to recreate that unique sensory moment. Notes: vetiver java, lemongrass, tamarind, bigarade, cedar.

Behind the Rain

Schütze was holidaying in Greece. Whilst walking on a Cycladean beach a flash storm hit – ending just as suddenly as it began. Emerging from shelter, he was overwhelmed by waves of intensely perfumed air rolling down from the rain-bruised fir trees.

Behind the Rain is Schütze’s attempt to capture that unique olfactory moment. Notes: resins, sap, wet bark, moss and lichens.