A Lion in Your Living Room: VIRRY Arrives on Apple TV and iPhone

BAFTA award-winning independent children’s app VIRRY announces this stunning wildlife experience is now available on iPhone and Apple TV.

VIRRY connects children with wild lions, rhinos, giraffes and meerkats, bringing them into homes through live interactive high definition footage. Children learn and grow by exploring a vivid world of real animals where they feed, play with and care for them. And the move to Apple TV means a new, fully immersive big screen experience that nurtures kids’ learning through nature.

VIRRY Creator Svetlana Dragayeva says: “After our hugely successful launch on iPad last year, the move to Apple TV harnesses cutting edge technology and creates a compelling learning experience, we are extremely excited about what this move means for the next generation’s learning, development and knowledge of the natural world.”

VIRRY in 2015:

– Winner of British Academy Children’s Awards (BAFTA), Interactive – Original

– Webby Awards People’s Choice, Best App for Kids and Family

– Lovie Awards People’s Choice, Best App for Kids and Family

– 5 stars rating from UK Educational App Store

VIRRY in 2016

– Webby Awards Nomination Best Streaming Video Mobile and Apps (other organisations nominated in this category include CNN, PBS Kids and HBO Now)

– Webby Awards Nomination Online Film and Video Travel and Adventure (other organisations nominated include Fusion Network and Conde Nast Traveller)

Winners announced on 26th April 2016

VIRRY Features:

•    Live high definition footage of animals direct from their home in Al-Ain Wildlife Park in UAE

•    Fresh daily content and highlights from each animal enclosure

•    Interactive games and pre-recorded videos to inspire kids

•    Profiles on more than 15 wild animals, fish and insects including the following:  Albatross, Basilisk, BushBaby, Caribou, Cheetah, Dolphin, Collared Lizard, Flea, Flying Fish, Mantis Shrimp, Monarch Butterfly, Salmon, Springbok and Trapjaw Ant

•    Learning-based content that introduces conservation and ecologic issues.

Bringing Wild to Life  

VIRRY is designed to develop key educational and developmental objectives in children aged 3-7. It was created in collaboration with child development experts to build a caring connection between children and endangered animals, and to teach important life skills.

Animals are filmed and broadcast from Al-Ain zoo in UAE (with more partnerships to come in 2016), with interactivity brought to life by an international team of academics (including Prof Gail Melson, leading academic on the human and animal bond from Purdue University, USA ) award-winning film industry professionals, wildlife experts and technology specialists. The result is an exceptionally deep educational technology experience guided by nature.