Jardines de Nivaria

Jardines de Nivaria

Adrián Hoteles Selects 4ipnet Wi-Fi for Three Luxury Hotels in Southern Tenerife

Adrián Hoteles owns three outstanding luxury hotels – Jardines de Nivaria, Roca Nivaria, and Colón Guanahaní – in Costa Adeje Tenerife. Given the vast property of the three hotel chains, the primary concern for Adrián Hoteles was to provide sustained Wi-Fi coverage, while having the capacity to manage access points and perform user access control. Initially, Wi-Fi service was limited to common areas of the hotels; however, as Wi-Fi became more indispensable for guests, Adrián Hoteles decided to increase the network’s coverage across the entire hotel property, and to upgrade the existing equipment with the latest Wi-Fi technology.

“The project was a big risk for Adrián Hoteles and I was looking for a solution, which was feasible, stable, and very simple to manage,” said Héctor González, head of the hotels’ IT department.

Following a detailed review of several vendors’ Wi-Fi solutions, Adrián Hoteles selected 4ipnet as their offering of choice, supported by 4ipnet’s local distributor WifiSafe. The solution chosen included 4ipnet’s WHG controllers for performing AP and user management, and EAP access points for Wi-Fi coverage. The WHG controller integrates user authentication, policy assignment, traffic shaping, and centralized WLAN management into one box. With three of 4ipnet controllers (two WHG711s and a WHG525) deployed, Adrián Hoteles successfully provided effective central network supervision as well as reliable Wi-Fi service to numerous concurrent users across all three hotels.

For the access points, 4ipnet provided Adrián Hoteles with many options, each catering to a unique deployment scenario. As an illustration, per room deployment access points (EAP701) were installed to accommodate over 700 guest rooms. In addition, for common areas and extensive leisure facilities, EAP767s were selected to meet the demand of higher density environments. Along with enterprise-grade features, 4ipnet APs were able to ensure a reliable user experience.

After the new Wi-Fi deployment went live, Adrián Hoteles was extremely satisfied with 4ipnet’s Wi-Fi solution, as they said, “with 4ipnet, we have achieved a hundred percent coverage in both common areas and all rooms across the three hotel chains. We ended up not only with a new Wi-Fi installation, but more importantly a new success story.”

4ipnet provides one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market for high density hospitality Wi-Fi infrastructure. Now guests staying at all three Adrián Hoteles chains can enjoy high-performance and uninterrupted Wi-Fi, allowing them to stay connected with their family and friends while vacationing in a haven of sensation.