Welcome to the November issue of LUX Magazine.

A few precious weeks remain before Christmas. In that time, much remains to be done, in the way of dreaming up that perfect gift to present to your loved ones. Or maybe that’s just me, being unprepared again.

Regardless, over this last month, we at LUX have been charmed by the lavish displays of exuberant festivity, from the lights on the high street to the first hints of snow in ski resorts across the world, to the incredible generosity of getaways and retreats in the most magical places in the world, as they throw open their doors to invite guests in to share in their table.

With the global luxury market growing as a whole by four per cent this year, there is certainly plenty to talk about when it comes to exclusive products, services, and establishments catered towards a discerning clientele. Luxury consumers are increasingly redirecting their spending towards new, more personal high-end experiences; this opens up opportunities to make this
year’s Christmas season one of generous spending and investment – from Ian Harris of N.Bloom & Son’s unusual, carefully selected fine jewellery, to the exceptionally crafted wooden-frame structures crafted by the Classic Barn Company.

Elsewhere, hotels across the world are preparing for a new influx of visitors, only a few short months after the end of the summer. Herein, we visit such desirable locations as the peaceful Scottish Borders to the private palaces in the heart of London, and thence to
the shimmering Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy.

A new pattern is certainly starting to emerge in luxury markets, as brands increasingly seek to adopt individual strategies, rather than simply settling for mass appeal. This newfound maturity in the luxury market gives us at LUX tremendous hope for the future of
the industry, and wherever there is a new luxury item demanding your attention, or a hotel with romance abound, we want to be your eyes and ears.

‘Tis not quite yet the season to be jolly, but that should not detract from any sense of joy and wonder as to what LUX Magazine’s newest magazine can offer up. We hope that you enjoy this latest issue, and we will see you all again very soon in the immediate
run-up to Christmas.

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