Welcome to the October 2016 issue of LUX Magazine

It might not be winter yet – we are barely past mid-Autumn, but it is hard to deny that the allure of the winter season is starting to intensify. As the cold weather sets in, the short-sleeved shirts are giving way to warm fleeces and scarves. The booking forms of ski resorts across the world are filling up in anticipation of another excellent winter of luxurious recreation. Wine cellars are stocking to stock up in advance of the Christmas frivolities.

It is in this frame of mind that we at LUX feel no shame in presenting to you an opening salvo of offerings for the coming winter. Before this volley becomes a barrage, from exclusive jewellery to exquisite beverages, and the very best retreat locations across
the world, for those that wish to squirrel away the winter in unbeatable style and irrepressible comfort.

Today, in such a closely-connected world, those in search of a new destination or experience are positively spoilt for choice, as international appeal is an increasing prerogative for hotel resorts as well as luxury producers such as wineries and jewellers.
For instance, establishments such as the Shosuke no Yado Takinoyu in north-central Japan are making every effort to appeal to international clients and tourists, which starts by making their staff well-rounded linguists capable of offering masterful traditional Japanese service to anybody that stays with them, in addition to online promotions to draw people away from the big cities and into the lush countryside. 
Likewise, an expanding online presence is very much the focus of the prestigious family-owned N. Bloom & Son; now as an online-only business, where its semi-retired owner continues to flaunt his intimate knowledge of jewellery to provide loyal service to his existing client base. 

Perhaps one of the most important transformations in luxury markets these days is the realisation that the digitalisation of commerce is both a practical and highly defensible method of managing funds, all the better to fund that next romantic excursion. The charming CEO of Allied Wallet, Andy Khawaja, has enjoyed incalculable success over the last decade of delivering FinTech solutions across the world, and is committed to continuous innovation and renewal, in a demanding market with increasingly refined tastes and expectations. 

Alongside these examples, LUX aims to provide what we have from the very beginning, a thorough and unscrupulous unpackaging of luxury markets around the world, drawing upon the newest, most exotic trends and presenting them to you – all in the buildup to the start of the Christmas season.

Please enjoy this month’s issue of LUX, and we will see you again next month.

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