Welcome to the September 2016 issue of LUX Magazine

This publication is designed with two specific goals in mind: firstly, to recognise and celebrate the splendours that can be found in the more affluent areas of the travel and tourism industry; secondly, to identify the newest, most avant-garde trends from across the globe, in everything from fashion to home décor, and especially in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

This is, by its very nature, a very varied task for the team here at LUX – the fastest cars, the flashiest jewellery, the most iconic hotels, and more besides, offer us an unenviable and yet privileged task. We aim to invigorate your wanderlust, and ensnare your most refined senses, whilst entirely reshaping the way that you think about luxury markets.

While the summer months might now be firmly behind us, the chance for a well-deserved dose of escapism has barely even reached its zenith. As you settle down in front of a warm fire and reflect upon your triumphs and memory from the last few months of sunhats and balcony barbeques, we welcome you to look ahead and begin planning for your next jaunt, and offer you the gentle reminder that you never quite know what opportunities will strike you next.

What form will that next retreat take? A fortified retreat in the rural heartland of Germany? A cottage in the heart of rural England? A mountainside pleasure palace in north-eastern Italy? What will fill that empty space in your drinks cabinet? A bottle of the finest Canadian wine? A smooth Sherry finish of a single pot Irish whisky? A royal blend of 20-year-old Scotch Whisky?

We hope that, in these pages, you may find the answer. Please enjoy this month’s issue of LUX.