Martian Watches Debuts New Collection Of Women’s Discreet Notification Smartwatches And Smart Jewellery

Martian Watches, a California-based developer of award-winning fashion-forward analog smartwatches, today announced the unveiling of its new Martian mVip discreet notifications technology in the Kindred Vip Collection of women’s analog notification smartwatches and jewellery, designed to discreetly alert a woman to important VIP messages based on information that she chooses, while she leaves her smartphone in a nearby pocket or bag. These new watches and jewellery, along with Martian’s newest line of men’s Active mVoice Voice Command smartwatches, will be on display at the Martian booth #72742 at the Sands Expo Center during the International CES event this week in Las Vegas, NV.

Kindred vip – Woman’s Hybrid Smartwatch
Featuring Martian’s mVip discreet smart notification technologies, a modest round diameter of only 38mm and a stainless steel case in ion-plated rose gold, black and polished stainless steel, the Kindred vip is a true woman’s hybrid smartwatch.

Kindred vip uniquely has no discernible technology on its watch face and only a discreet LED alert light located on the side of the case at the 6 o’clock position, allowing users to create and customize their own “VIP Groups” defining discreet vibration patterns, in combination with seven unique consumer-assigned LED color notifications through the Martian Smart mVip companion app.

Kindred vip also features a built in accelerometer for step and sleep tracking, and its fitness data will be open for use in apps and ecosystems such as Google Fit, Up by Jawbone and others.  Adding a leash feature and a ‘tap to recall’ function for notifications, the Kindred vip provides smart, discreet and stylish smartwatch functionality. The Kindred vip is water resistant, has a two year analog battery and lithium battery capacity of two-three weeks before being needed to be recharged via a pogo pin. Martian’s dual battery feature eliminates the need to charge your smartphone daily. Italian leather straps and stainless steel bracelets are interchangeable enabling users to easily customize the watches to complement their own unique lifestyle.

The Kindred vip smartwatch was produced in conjunction with Seiko Instrument Hong Kong (SIH) and uses both a Miyota 3-hand analog movement and Martian’s ‘Powered by Martian’ mVip discreet technology module to achieve the highest level of quality, functionality and performance in a true hybrid smartwatch.

Kindred vip’s modern design watch series includes two lifestyle collections:

Kindred vip CL Series: The perfect smart style day to evening companions with looks for business to casual dress to evening occasions.

Kindred vip SP Series: Sporty watches that are fun and colorful with crisp dials, vibrant contrasting indexes.

Kindred vip Smart Jewelry
Martian will also showcase its new Kindred vip Smart Jewelry, an elegant smart wearable solution for fashion and fine jewelry. Featuring Martian’s mVip discreet smart notifications technologies, the Kindred vip smart bracelet offers one of the smallest and slimmest water-resistant wireless Bluetooth notification modules available today. A discreet LED alert light, is located on the top of the bracelet and an alert vibration motor hidden within, Kindred vip jewelry discreetly alerts the user to what she wants or needs to know, while enjoying moments with family and friends.

Like Martian’s Kindred vip smartwatches, its jewelry notification products allow consumers to create and customize their own “VIP Groups” defining discreet vibration patterns, in combination with seven unique consumer-assigned LED color notifications through the Martian Smart mVip companion app.

New Line in Martian’s Men’s mVoice Collection
Martian is introducing its mVoice Collection of Men’s watches featuring “always-on” analog designs with classic styling, sweep-second hands and separate two-year batteries. Martian’s directional speaker and noise-canceling microphone allow wearers to access their smartphone’s voice command functions and receive spoken responses. Users can place calls, send voice-to-text SMS and email messages, listen and respond to messages, set calendar notifications, request music selections, search the web, set reminders and all the other voice commands their phone allows The new Active Collection features Martian’s award-winning technology, including Dual Mode functionality, simultaneously offering voice command functions via Classic Bluetooth while utilizing Bluetooth LE to provide hands-free and eyes-free notifications to the wrist from 1000s of popular apps and programs.

The Martian Active mVoice Collection includes two unique lines:

Martian mVoice PT Series: Arouses nostalgia with its retro, timeless design. Although equipped with smartwatch capabilities and high-tech performance, the PT series the simple, distinctive style of a vintage or retro airman’s watch.

Martian mVoice AE Series: Boasts bold features with an active lifestyle design. This watch presents a precision appearance through an uncluttered 24-hour clock display with modern smartwatch features.

Martian’s “Powered by Martian” B2B solution, partners with PC Jeweller Limited (PCJ):
Martian also announced its “Powered by Martian” B2B solution and partnership with PC Jeweller Limited (PCJ) of India, a $1 billion public jewelry conglomerate. Together, the companies will develop precious gold and semi-precious “smart” jewelry featuring six interchangeable design capsules through PCJ’s award-winning jewelry designs utilizing Martian’s ‘Powered by Martian’ smart jewelry device and App ecosystem.

“We recognize that wearable technology, specifically discreet notifications, will continue to touch our connected lives which is why we’ve expanded our line of smartwatches and wearable jewelry to help accommodate this need,” said Jeffrey Hsiech, CEO of Martian Watches. “Over the past year, we’ve entered into strategic partnerships combining Martian’s smart technologies and App ecosystem with other leaders in the traditional watch and jewelry space including the recently launched GUESS Connect™ smartwatch and now smart jewelry with India-based PC Jeweller.”