Meet The $777 777 Burger at Le Burger Brasserie

Gourmet burgers, gambling and Paris, that is one trio that would be hard to pass up. Le Burger Brasserie in Paris Las Vegas gives you all three in one spot. You can sit down for any number of creative burgers to go along with the setting of Paris and finally, when you take a step outside the restaurant you can throw some money down on the roulette wheel. What more could you ask for?

If you want something that is an experience and probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Le Burger Brasserie offers just that with the one and only $777 Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger. Now you might ask who would pay that much for a burger? Well, they do sell a handful per month and have yet to have anyone complain about the price if that tells you anything. This mouthwatering burger is obviously made with Kobe Beef and fresh Maine Lobster, add to that is: caramelized onions, imported Brie cheese, crispy prosciutto, 100 year aged Balsamic vinegar and it is served with a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon champagne. This is one meal that you will probably be talking about the rest of your life.

Le Burger has an appealing mixture of sports bar casual dining as you enter, while also having a modern, sleek appeal design throughout the restaurant. While this is not going to be the romantic, quiet and cozy setting of a quaint Paris restaurant, it is a great place to bring the family, have a nice casual dining experience or just to hang out and grab a great burger while enjoying the game on the giant screen television (9×11 feet) that is overlooking the fully stocked bar. Le Burger seats 200 and is usually full and provides a chatty and festive atmosphere that also allows you to do some people watching, which in Las Vegas is sometimes more interesting that watching the game.

What also sets this apart from your typical burger joint is the service. The staff is on par with any fine restaurant in Las Vegas in terms of how attentive they are and the fact that you have multiple people taking care of you. It’s always nice when you don’t have to search for your server and if you need any tips on Las Vegas as a visitor, they are more than happy to give you some insight into Sin City. Sitting right in between Paris and Bally’s and right on the Las Vegas Strip, Le Burger is within reach for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

As a restaurant that clearly is first and foremost dedicated to the hamburger, the best choice on the menu comes from a chicken. The Promenade is anything but a sandwich in the overall sense of a dining experience. The ingredients all play off each other perfectly, as the robust and strong flavor of the brie cheese combines amazingly well with smoked bacon and carmelized shallots to give you one great meal.

Le Burger is always coming up with new ingredients and new concoctions to top the beef, lamb, chicken, salmon or vegetarian patty. If you are looking for something a little different, the lamb patty is the way to go. The Mediterranean offers feta cheese, black kalamata olives and avocado, which really adds to the lamb to give it that regional flavor that is so unlike any other.

The part of the burger that gets little fanfare, but it can destroy the entire experience is the bun. Le Burger took this piece of the burger and handled it with the expertise as they handle the rest of the meal, as they have the buns baked fresh every morning. The proof is in the taste as you get a very light, airy, fresh and flavorful bun that only adds to the enjoyment of the burger. Le Burger also gives you four choices to compliment your burger: sesame seed, parmesan cheese, caramelized onion and an oven-dried tomato ciabatta bun.

Before you get started with your burger, the Soup du Jour is a great way to start your meal. Le Burger does offer the Patriote, their New England clam chowder on a daily basis. What you must look for is the spicy chicken tortilla soup, which is served on a rotating basis. If you like a little kick with meal, this is the way to go, but you better like spicy or this might not be the soup for you. Unlike a lot of restaurants that leave you wanting when you receive your soup bowl, at Le Burger, the soup is jam packed with chicken and vegetables, along with flavor. If soup is not to your liking, you can kick things off with the Pomme De Terre, or as Americans call them, potato skins. When you get this appetizer you might think is a meal all by itself, as the several potato halves that are on the plate are topped with: bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, green onions and sour cream. These are really what getting an appetizer is all about.

Once you are done with one of these packed burgers, you might find the dessert menu the last thing you want to see. Don’t make the mistake of passing up on the Brioche Donut, if it is too much for you, order it and share it among friends, but don’t be surprised if this light and flavorful dessert soon disappears in front of you. The Brioche donut fits in with the theme of the restaurant as it has a hamburger like appearance. The custard is whipped to a more light and less filling texture than you will find with most custards and once you combine it with the mixed berry sauce, you will have a perfect blend to finish off your meal.

On the beverage end of the menu, you will find a full bar to fit your needs, 15 specialty beers and a very nice wine list to compliment your burger, but to go along with the Las Vegas atmosphere, you must try one of the specialty drinks on the menu. As difficult as it is to pick a burger, choosing from the specialty drink list could be an equally daunting task, but if you must pick one and you don’t have to, the French Riviera tops the list. This drink combines Bacardi O, Midori and Almond Passion, along with orange and pineapple juices and is topped with fresh fruit. This potent drink has an island feel to it and if you enjoy your drinks on the sweet side, this one will satisfy you and it’s amazing how smooth they go down without overwhelming you.

Next time you are in Las Vegas and want a burger, but really want more than A BURGER, Le Burger Brasserie will not disappoint.

Credit: LaSplash