Rythmia Life Advancement Center Offers The Ultimate Spiritual Vacation At Its Luxury Resort In Costa Rica

Now that we are all starting fresh in a new year and anxious to reboot, you can enjoy a transformative getaway in an idyllic setting at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Guanacoste, Costa Rica, one of the five Blue Zones of the world, where its natives live the longest and happiest lives.  Rythmia has gathered some of the world’s most highly respected naturopathic specialists whose modalities are included in a five, ten or fifteen day program customized especially for you. And the best part is that the spiritual vacation includes the treatments and the spa and resort amenities all for one inclusive price. Think of it as the Club Med to rejuvenate your body and awaken your soul in a magnificent beachfront setting.

Spa amenities include unlimited massage, a health club, volcanic mud baths, meditation, a swimming pool, bicycling, and more.  Delicious organic food is prepared daily by first class chefs from locally grown ingredients. Golfers have access to the 18 hole course on the neighboring J.W. Marriott property.

Rythmia is a government sanctioned and licensed naturopathic, holistic facility offering the most current breakthrough modalities for life transformation. Some of the experts tapped to consult with and guide guests include Dr. Michael Beckwith’s renowned Life Transformation Program, The Answer Is You, which provides inspirational teachings and tools to help transcend self-limiting beliefs,  Prana Vinyasa Yoga by highly respected teacher, activist, and innovator Shiva Rea in a beautiful, safe and private haven in a first-class resort setting on 4500 gated acres of magnificent beachfront property. The Cleanse by Shivanter Singh is the most complete hydrotherapy treatment in the world, with a large number of health benefits including increased energy, reduction of digestive issues, better sleep, less stress, younger skin, weight loss, and an overall sense of rejuvenation and well-being. Dr. Vanessa Grillo is the physician who uses the sacred plants native to the area for Plant Medicine treatments.

Guests begin and end their journeys with a live blood cell analysis, aura photo, a medical doctor and a life coach. Their goals are defined and individual programs are developed to achieve them. Guests have unlimited access to these specialists as well as to naturopathic guidance, group and private therapy with licensed psychological counselors, spiritual advisors, and shamans who practice Ayurvedic science (ancient Indian science of longevity).

The many benefits of the comprehensive program at Rythmia include healing of emotional trauma, a greater sense of purpose, genuine and sustained happiness, natural healing of physical ailments, detoxification, elimination of addictive tendencies, inner and outer balance, and improved interpersonal relationships.