Signature Day Spa & Wellness Centre

A Vision of Wellness

Signature Day Spa & Wellness Centre was born from a vision by owner John Crotti. It began 22 years ago, with a conceptual thought of wellness while John was at the helm of a successful audio visual company in a fast-growing, high-tech industry, and is now an escape haven nestled on the Sydney city fringe and steeped in architectural history. John’s passion for wellness has never swayed, and since his ideas finally moved onto paper in 2008 before coming to fruition in 2014, he presides over one of the largest concept spas in Australia.

As John himself describes his enterprise, “we are an Urban Destination Spa located in Sydney. A unique one of a kind Day Spa in Australia unrivalled and unmatched in style, ambiance and treatments that are world class using different modalities not usually found in spas around Australia.

John’s spa has 20 treatment rooms, eight of which are themed couples’ rooms – these themes include Rainstorm Vichy Shower, Cleopatra, Geisha, Flotation, Hamam, Thermal Room, Brick Room, Crystal Room, all individually decorated to reflect a theme to which John has been exposed through his extensive travels.

“We also specialise in Hen parties and social groups,” John adds. “Here we have several areas where we can keep the group together enjoying and relaxing partaking in our various Spa Circuit experiences. We are licenced and offer cheese platters and food.”

In addition, corporate functions are welcome at Signature Day Spa; the board room provides the perfect environment for your team to brainstorm together. These are team building, promotional, sales incentive, reward based meetings, then the staff get rewarded via way of incentivise through the spa to motivate the most valuable asset with an array of re-energising yet relaxing treatments.

John’s vision was to create more than just a day spa by ensuring every client was awarded an experience and guided on a journey encouraging individual self-healing, a gathering of friends and colleagues to allow unprecedented sensations that truly enhanced wellbeing. John’s innovation and intuitive nature shines through in every detail as an extension of himself, and has been carefully created and executed from vision to reality, so from the moment a client enters the space, they experience the luxury, glamour and magic that John has strived to create in his concept spa.

As the founder, owner and General Manager of Signature Day Spa, John ensures the flow and tranquillity of the Spa is met on an operational level, whilst also juggling the marketing, finance, staffing and various other protocols within the Spa. He describes the lengthy process that took him from concept to eventual realisation.

“I have had this concept in my mind for 25 years,” he says. “My first treatment was in Bali 25 years ago, where I reluctantly went and had a treatment while on a sales conference. I came out in love.

“After that, I wanted to find a Day Spa in Sydney which was the equivalent to the one in Bali or similar, which I could not find. I proceeded to explore most of Sydney with no success, before venturing further out to Melbourne, Brisbane and as far north as Queensland, and then overseas.” The Spa that John has created is a combination of experiences and treatments throughout the world, and based upon his newfound passion of the market and the time that he has sunk into it, he is proud to proclaim it as a truly unique entity.

“Staff is one of my biggest challenges in this business,” John readily admits. “As I have treatments and modalities in this spa that employees have never come across, I need to be careful to employ dedicated staff that will follow protocols that I have put in place for every treatment and every room, so that we are consistent and our clients walk out feeling loved and want to come back.

In addition, John recognises the role of changing technology upon the evolution of his business and its operations. “Technology, finances and staying on top of your game are also among the biggest challenges. It makes you run leaner and meaner to achieve your business goals. Being hands-on I aspire to the highest standards I can offer and have all my likes in this space, including relaxation lounges, change rooms, beautiful ambiance and a variety that makes you want to come back.

“It is critical to know the changes and technology that are around; that doesn’t mean I dive straight into it, because it still needs to fit in with my offerings, and I need to be able to make educated decisions on whether to follow or allow more time prior to jumping in with these trends. Some trends only last a shot time like a flash in the pan, and these can be costly.”

In light of this, John supplements the daily business of his Spa by making his own locally-sourced products from scrubs, wraps and massage oil. These differ in texture, scent and application, and he is always on the lookout for new ideas and what would work in the Spa, whilst keeping in touch with his suppliers and industry magazines to notice and respond to new industry trends.

At the end of the day, as John describes, “I believe it is self-discipline and a willingness to be successful it need to be in your thoughts and lifestyle. On top of that, determination, and the desire to be recognised as a leader in the field, are big influences on John, that drive him to embrace a business savvy, forward-thinking and trustworthy business manner.

“Signature Day Spa is two years old,” John concludes, “so we have a long way to go in fulfilling our objectives to be one of the most beautiful world-renowned day spas in the world.”



Company name: Signature Day Spa

Contact: John Crotti

Address: 77 Parramatta Rd Camperdown, NSW 2050, Australia

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 02 9517 2525

Website: www.signaturedayspa.com.au