Treat Yourself to the Perfect Night’s Sleep

One in three people sleep better in a luxury hotel room, according to recent research conducted by Rooi, the luxury bedding specialists, which has revealed that people are much more comfortable in a used bed, rather than in their very own home.

Of those who had experienced the pleasure of staying in a luxury hotel, a huge 49% of 25 to 54-year-olds asked, said they slept better. Does this say more about the comfort of a hotel or the discomfort of our own bedrooms?

 If you desperately wanted to gain a good night’s sleep, would you escape to a luxury hotel? It would cost you just over £84,000 to live in an average five-star hotel in London for a whole year. Would you go that far in pursuit of a good night’s sleep? If you were to really push the boat out, you could stay at London’s priciest hotel, Mandarin Oriental, which charges and eye watering £18,000 per night.

 Surely it makes much more sense to treat yourself to a little luxury at home instead? To that end, Rooi has compiled a handy guide to help you turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

 “If people looked a little closer at their environment, the answer to their restless nights could be right in front of them,” Alka Ruia, Managing Director at Rooi explains.

 “Everything from the material of your bedding, tog of your duvet and little finishing touches that make your room your own make a huge difference. You could sleep a lot better in your own home if you simply took a few tips from the hotels themselves. Living in luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth and when your health is concerned, you can stretch a little further.”

 You need eight hours of sleep to feel refreshed and ready for a new day, but the Sleep Council discovered that nearly half of us are only getting six hours or less every night! A large percentage of these people could be better off with a few quick changes around their room.

 Affordable luxury does exist and it’s much cheaper than a lifetime stay in a luxury hotel room, that’s for sure! Rooi’s new guide looks at how you can take the experience of staying in a high-end hotel and replicate this in your own bedroom.

 So what does the luxury setting of a hotel offer that our own homes don’t?

 The Great British Sleep Survey has detailed exactly what elements disrupt our sleep. The top five physical factors that keep people awake at night are:

●        Bodily discomfort 67%

●        Noise 36%

●        Partner 34%

●        Room temperature 34%

●        Light levels 19%

 Does a luxury hotel tick all the boxes when ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep? One in three people seem to think so.

 We also spoke to Sam Lygo from Unique Home Stays, who personally visits each luxury property on their books to ensure it’s up to standard. She revealed her checklist that each holiday home must complete:

·       “An excellent level of cleanliness throughout the property, but particularly in the bedrooms.”


·       “Only the finest of bedding and linens.”


·       “Different tog duvets according to the seasons is an important factor to bear in mind.”


·       “Extra blankets and cushions for cosiness should they want them.”


·       “Blackout curtains to ensure no light is peeping through the windows.”


·       “Private ‘off the beaten track locations’ for peace and quiet.”


When it comes to getting a sound night’s sleep, you can’t make a compromise. Simply follow our guide and create the perfect space to hibernate all autumn.

 Rooi are a luxury home accessories retailer. The firm specialise in offering the finest products at competitive prices. With a rich family history that stems from the cotton industry, Rooi aims to bring East-meets-West style to homes across the UK.