Wattbike Welcome New Digital Innovations

Technology innovations are increasingly shaping the direction of the fitness and leisure industry, with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) having recently named wearable technology as the number one fitness trend for 2016 in its annual foresight report. Recognising this trend, and eager to jump ahead of the curve in anticipation of a newfound demand for such creativity, Wattbike, the creators of the world’s most advanced indoor bike, has released the Wattbike Hub, an app that provides everything a fitness consumer now demands: tests, workouts and plans, as well as feedback and workout analysis, are all plotted through the app in a manner of detail that is at once mind-boggling and satiating.


The Wattbike is quickly establishing itself as the indoor bike of choice for elite athletes, the health and fitness sector and the home fitness market. It has already received prestigious endorsement by England Rugby, and was chosen by the UCI World Cycling Centre as the testing and education bike for its base and satellite centres around the world.

The Wattbike’s Performance Computer, very much the cherry on the proverbial icing, enables the accurate measurement of over 40 performance parameters. Combined with a fully customisable ride setup and the feel of riding a real bike, it provides the user with a highly effective and efficient power-based training solution.

Today, the Wattbike is used by the world’s top cycling federations including Great Britain, Australia, United States and France, in addition to professional teams and elite athletes in all cycling and triathlon disciplines. Other sports have also adopted the Wattbike as a cross-training tool and is used by many Premiership football clubs, Premiership Rugby, Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League, Formula One drivers, England Hockey, GB Rowing, British Sailing, English Institute of Sport and UK Sport.

Ultimately, this app is designed to act as a portable personal trainer – as such, it has been developed so that users can easily take it with them wherever they go, regardless of whether they’re training at home, in their gym, or abroad. 

Through initial testing of the app, such as the Wattbike 3-minute or 20-minute sets, tests calculate users’ Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Maximum Minute Power (MMP) Scores, as well as their personal training zones. After analysing this data, the app demonstrates its sophistication by suggesting suitable workouts, plans and targets, which also work to chart progressions over time – all of which are matched specifically to the user.

The new Workouts are standalone sessions which the user can select and ride against, based on the results from the Tests performed on the Wattbike, and using motivational ‘traffic light’ colour-coded dials to show whether the user is hitting their targets, or if they need to push themselves harder.

From the tests and workouts, the plans are created. These are multi-week training programmes that provide long term training goals for the user. This makes it absolutely ideal for those that have specific goals or planned categories relating to sport specific training, set durations such as winter training or pre-season programmes or even performance- and outcome-related goals. After signing up, and beginning on a plan, daily emails will be sent directly to devices carrying the app; contained within are breakdowns of the ‘Workout of the Day’, which the user can load and ride against.

Drawing their strong standing in elite sport technology, Wattbike will also be able to present workouts created by elite athletes; perfect for those with a competitive nature. Whether the user wants to train to challenge Joanna Roswell’s 10-mile time trial, match the phenomenal power output that world class rugby players can generate, take tips from some of the world’s leading coaches, or simply wants to push themselves to break their own personal best, the app offers a holistic package in which to deliver these elements. It highlights a remarkable step forward in the way that technology can enhance people’s efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Commenting on the new launches, Richard Baker, Commercial Director at Wattbike, commented on the app’s potential within the market aimed at sporting and fitness enthusiasts, which can be a crowded and difficult one at the best of times.

“There has been a rapid shift in the industry as the value of technology has been recognised. Users are increasingly using technology to monitor performance and goals. Consumers are now savvier than ever before about what they want from their fitness and trackable data. Our updated app provides a service that the consumers now demand; full tests, workouts and programmes to assess, plan and track fitness all in one place – the palm of their hand.” 

“These unique digital training solutions will significantly enhance the experience of any rider of any ability. By transferring data seamlessly through the app, riders can not only analyse their session but carry all their data with them wherever they go as well as share results through social media channels helping riders build a training community – and healthy competition!”

The app also introduces a library feature where the user can see recently started workouts and tests, as well as save their favourites, which can then be loaded instantly on the next workout.

As consumers are now information hungry for trackable data, a new History section is included to give a more detailed breakdown of the sessions, workouts and tests that have been performed.

The app is free to purchase, and now available on iOS and Android. For more information visit


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