A Passion for Interior Design

R. Webb Interiors is a nationally recognised design firm based in Richmond, Virginia, where a staff of experienced and talented professionals, including interior designer, architects, artisans and craftsmen specialise in both residential and commercial interior design. Following their success in winning the LUX 2017 Leading Designers – USA Award, we interviewed the firm’s founder Rodney Webb to learn more about his passion for the art of interior design.

R. Webb Interiors Design Firm is making an indelible mark on the interior design world – through their creative designs and precise attention to detail. No matter what the project type, they always seem to bring a unique aesthetic to the design, the firm’s founder Rodney Webb tells us. He develops this point and describes his own role in the firm – adding how it feels for them to have won the prestigious LUX 2017 Leading Designers – USA Award.

“Our design team has an overwhelming ability to listen to its clients’ verbal design vision and translate that into a visual design for their space creating a sensory adventure for the client in the process.

“With an insatiable passion for the art of interior design, I founded the R. Webb Interiors Design Firm in 2002. As the principal interior designer, I personally meet with every one of our clients. This is extremely important because it helps me to get a sense of who my clients are, as well as to understand what their design needs are. Throughout the process, I work closely with both the client, as well as the design team to ensure that the client’s style and personality are reflective in the design. 

“When I received confirmation that I was selected as the LUX 2017 Leading Designers – USA award, I was completely honoured. I felt so blessed to be recognised for something that I love to do. From my very first design project at 15 years of age when my mother allowed me to work on the redesign of our kitchen, I was completely hooked. I’ve always put forth my best on every project that I’m fortunate to be a part of and it’s an amazing feeling to be recognised for it.

“My firm, as well as myself are completely honoured to receive this award. The firm does what we do – because it’s our passion! One of the firm’s goals for 2017 was to seek international opportunities and to gain exposure in the international marketplace. LUX 

is assisting us by laying the bridge; so, all we need to do is to walk across it! Receiving this recognition is an honour and a much welcomed add to the firm’s credentials; especially coming from a luxury global brand like LUX.” 

Rodney then reveals the secrets behind the firm’s success and how he manages his seasoned team of staff.

“I believe that the key to my success has been branding! I’ve worked extremely hard at building a recognisable brand that’s known for luxury interior design. In building this brand, I had to ensure that on every project, that I exceed my client’s expectations. 

“I am not a micro-manager but I do stay involved in my staff’s day-to-day activities to ensure that all is running smoothly and efficiently. The key principle that I adhere to with my staff is to always treat them with dignity and respect. At R. Webb Interiors Design Firm, we are a family and I treat my staff as such. I attend weddings, graduation celebrations, funerals – all the things that a regular family does. I want them to know how much I appreciate their support of my vision.”

Rodney then provides his expert insight into the interior design industry today, how the firm keeps up with the wider trends and remains successful.

“The interior design industry has become a hot commodity. We’ve evolved from an industry where people hired us out of need, to an industry where people hire us out of want! I would like to thank HGTV for that! The everyday family is inspired by what they’ve seen on a show, resulting in more and more of them reaching out to interior designers to assist them with making their dreams a reality! As a business owner, I am constantly faced with challenges. What I’ve learned is that it’s not what comes my way but how I respond to it.

“I have found that with an ever-changing industry such as interior design, that taking the classic approach vs the trendy approach is always a winning strategy. Trends come and go which is why I root my designs in what I know is a constant. 

“To be successful in this industry, you must have an eye for detail! The details can be the defining line between a good and a great design. I am constantly called into spaces where the homeowner feels that ‘something’ is missing in their space. Typically, the bones of the room are good but the design overall is lacking lustre. Bringing in the right accessories and colour often is the key! Then at other times, we all conclude that they should have called me in before they purchased the new furniture. What can I say, it happens!”
In closing, Rodney explains how he keeps himself motivated, plus how the firm ensures that their products are innovative, as well as his thoughts on the future for R. Webb Interiors Design Firm.

“Every day, that I’m designing is enough motivation for me! I absolutely love what I’m graced to do and I never take this for granted. I live and breathe design and my clients are the beneficiaries of my labour! “Knowing your customer base is a key factor in the success of your products in the market. I listen to what my customers want and raise the bar; thus, exceeding their expectations. I’m careful to provide what they want and not what I want!

“What’s next? I’d love to transition to the world of television with a new interior design show! For years, my client’s, friends and family have been telling me that the world needs to see what we’re doing and I couldn’t agree more! In the next five years, I see R. Webb Interiors Design Firm as a household name and inspiring the everyday family in their quest of creating their dream spaces one room at a time!”