Since its inception, Mojo Stumer Associates has been designed to be unique, combining quality architecture and interior design with complete project management systems. We profile the firm to find out more about the company and the services that it offers.

Founded in 1980 by two partners, Tom Mojo and Mark Stumer, who came from design backgrounds, Mojo Stumer quickly grew and established itself as a leader in the design field and is now one of the most highly respected architectural firms in the country.
Since its founding, the firm has won over 80 national and regional architectural and interior design awards and has been widely published in national and international books, magazines and newspapers. In 2010, MSA was included in its first museum show, Modernism on Long Island at the Heckscher Museum of Art.

Moreover, the team has been constantly increasing its offerings with projects consisting of private residences, office buildings, corporate headquarters, industrial buildings, country clubs, health clubs, spas and educational services. Additionally, there are hospital and medical buildings, religious institutions, retail shopping centres and retail store interiors, and urban planning.

Demonstrating a keen eye for excellence and detail, every Mojo Stumer project is overseen by a principal who is accessible, and actively involved in every stage of a project’s development. This is part of the firm’s acknowledgement that for a project to fully realize its potential, a compassionate and perseverant professional must nurture it.

Founders, Tom Mojo and Mark Stumer are responsible for conceptual design direction and design development working with a design associate. On a daily basis, each project is managed by a project manager and a selected team which monitors the project from conceptual design through construction and user follow-up.

Another one of the company’s values, are that their extraordinary work is the product of technical expertise, organization skills and depth of resources integrated with design.

At Mojo Stumer, along with the principal and design team, each project is assigned an experienced project manager who is an integral part of the nucleus of the MSA organization. The project manager assembles a team of its 20 architects, interior designers, technical and administrative staff who are responsible for the running of the project on a daily basis. The project manager and key personnel remain on the project from its beginnings in design development through occupancy, to completion and follow-ups. Aspects such as servicing the client, schedules, budgets, document accuracy, and total accessibility are major parallel paths alongside of design and not put into secondary roles.

Furthermore, another belief of the firm is that a well-designed environment enriches people’s lives dramatically, and so, Mojo Stumer must consistently improve its operational performance, whilst also meeting budget goals.

Importantly, Mojo Stumer believes good design has its place in the environment whether in residence or work place. The ability to create a residence that surpasses its clients’ dreams, or design a workplace that functions at every level of operations, are the standards Mojo Stumer always sets for its performance. A great design that cannot be built, is over budget or not on schedule, is an exercise in futility. To support its design, the firm has developed project management systems to turn out details, accurate and on schedule construction documents with thorough budget reviews at strategic project phases. The process should be as rewarding as the finished work.

Significantly, the team at the firm believe what has been the most successful aspect of their work is when clients from commercial projects request design services for their most personal homes. The team at Mojo Stumer are happy to state that they have designed multiple homes for most of its clients, with return business a sure sign of its success. Mojo Stumer values its relationships with its clients, going the extra mile to satisfy them.

Predicting what the future has in store for the architecture and design industries, there will be economic developments as well as industry advances, and Mojo Stumer will be sure to adapt to these. The team will continue to provide design across a diverse portfolio.

Moving forward, the team is currently working on an exciting residence of nearly 5,000 square feet in Miami, Florida which provides views of the Pacific Ocean. This is the 4th residence that the firm is designing for this client. On its commercial projects, the company is thrilled to be designing several modern family units – leading the way to bring modern architecture and design, to dynamic housing in the downtown North Shore Long Island neighbourhoods.

Company: Mojo Stumer Associates

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