Functional, Comfortable and Beautiful

Cheryl A. Van Duyne is an award winning interior designer recognized for her distinctive flair and exceptional ability to creatively meet any design challenge. Based in Dallas, Texas, Cheryl has over 30 years of experience with a long list of loyal clients from all over the country. We spoke to Cheryl to discover the secrets behind the success of herself and the company.

Cheryl talks to us about how she welcomes each design opportunity with motivation to create functional, comfortable and beautiful spaces for people to use and enjoy. She tells us how involved she is in all aspects of her firms work, working closely with the client from inception of the project to completion. 

“My firm has been in business since 1988 providing clients with interior design services from space planning to the last accessory. We work on a fee plus percentage of the cost of goods. My own responsibilities include all the business decisions for my design firm. Designing and overseeing construction plans, furniture plans, all interior finish selections, rugs, fabrics, window treatments, color schemes and trouble shooting. I am involved in every aspect of every project.”

Regarding herself being awarded and selected as a LUX Leading Designer 2017, Cheryl is thrilled. She explains how exciting it is to know that across the globe, people are seeing and recognising her work. It is always rewarding for anyone, particularly designers, to see their work acknowledged in other places. 

“Being honest, I am very pleased and honored to be selected as a Lux Leading Designer 2017. For me and my firm, this honor gives us credibility, exposure and hopefully, more opportunities to design and execute beautiful projects.”

Attributing long hours and hard work to her success, Cheryl also believes it is her own unique designs and the different ways in which she approaches the projects and clients which make her more successful. Embracing any challenge that comes her way, it is clear that no job is too big or too small for Cheryl and her firm. Following on from her unique designs, Cheryl also details how she ensures her designs are innovative and will become the most sought after within the industry.

“Long hours and hard work are definitely required to be successful in any business. By nature, I am curious, work quickly and love a challenge. Every design project is unique requiring different ways to approach solutions. 

“Concerning my innovative designs, I believe people are attracted to projects that are not only beautiful and innovative but also a place where they would like to live. Maybe not the total project, but enough that they call me to help them with the interior design of their project.”

Keeping all staff happy and working towards the same goal is important in running a successful business. Cheryl keeps a small number of staff as this enables her to contribute personally to each project which goes a long way in achieving client satisfaction. If a client is dealing with the head of the company, then they will feel comfortable about their projects being handled with duty and care.
“Within the company, I keep a small staff because I want to be involved in every aspect of each project. I have wonderful help for different areas of my business and we work together to find resolutions to problems. I treat my staff as I would like to be treated.”

Giving us an overview of the design industry currently, Cheryl discusses the challenges that the firm has faced and will continue to face. Drawing on her previous experience, Cheryl explains that she will continue to search and looking for solutions and resolutions for any challenge or issue, and overcoming challenges has strengthened her determination to have patience and understanding when working with clients. 

“Challenges that have strengthened your company values. Our industry is more respected and utilized than ever before. People are busy and do not have time to search for items to furnish their homes and understand the value of hiring professional interior designers. There are many chanllenges on each project whether it is ground up, renovation or interior furnishings but experience has taught me to continue searching and looking for resolutions. Professional interior designers are inundated with information about new products, colours, trends. It is less difficult to find products because there are so many websites for products.” 

Essential to creating success within the design industry, Cheryl believes that designers must prove every day that they are valuable additions to projects, showcasing their talents and highlight the fact that they provide great value. The company adapts to any changes, as discussed earlier, and Cheryl is constantly working hard to stay positive and keep herself motivated, even when things go wrong. 

“Interior designers must prove every day that we are valuable additions to every project. Keeping up with changes, laws that affect our profession, doing what you say you will do in a timely manner creates success. When something goes wrong on a project and I feel bad about it, I can get depressed and lose sleep thinking of ways to make it better. I just keep going and things work out.”
Looking ahead, Cheryl tells us where she sees her company, Cheryl Van Duyne, in five years’ time and what her future aspirations are.

She wants to continue to take projects that stretch her design capabilities and help her grow as a designer. 

“The clients who hire interior designers are innovative, successful and interesting people. They come up with amazing projects and we are given the opportunity to use our talents, experience and knowledge to make these projects come to life. It is difficult and hard work, but nothing is more fulfilling than looking at a finished project and seeing your visions come to life.”  


Company Name: Cheryl Van Duyne, ASID, NCIDQ Registered Interior Designer

Contact: Cheryl Van Duyne

Address: 18208 Preston Road, Suite D9, Dallas, Texas 75252

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 214-649-4239

Website: www.cherylvanduyne.com