Aroma Spa Retreat is a spa like no other, nestled on the beach in the beautiful Balinese village of Sanur, it makes you feel like you are stepping back in time when you arrive in the traditional Balinese compound. Taking time to profile the luxurious health resort is founder of Aroma Spa Retreat, Sonya Davies who reveals more about the spa both her and her sister Delma created.

Aroma Spa Retreat represents a time past, when the pace of life was slower and treatments focused on the individual and their complete relaxation. Our clients often comment that they felt cherished during their time at Aroma Spa Retreat.

In today’s busy world, our clients often come to us with little time and very, very tired. They are beyond tired, more completely exhausted. They are time poor and many have the stress of full time work, with the additional pressures of looking after aging parent’s teenage children and full-time work. No one is looking after them. This is the greatest difference that we have observed since Aroma Spa Retreat began in 2011. Being aware of this has informed the way we train our therapist and how we designed the experiences our staff provide. Our customers are our greatest advertisement. Our therapists have been trained in the Aroma Spa Retreat method. This is a formulated sequence which has been developed in consultation with osteopath’s spa specialists and natural healers. These developed treatments quickly encourage the body to relax and rejuvenate. This training enhances the Balinese therapist’s natural skills and experience, providing a unique experience for our guests.

Aroma Spa Retreat treatments are not just treatments, instead they are sequence of treatments developed so that they release the tension and toxins that a busy lifestyle builds up, allowing the body release and rejuvenation. Our premier treatment is the full day package, which is eight hours of treatments that build on each other and change the way a person feels. At Aroma Spa Retreat, our clients have stated after the full day that they have never been more relaxed or slept better after any other spa treatment. A review of our trip advisor comments for the past seven years paints a picture of the difference between an Aroma Spa Retreat experience, and the experience of other spas.

Here at Aroma Spa Retreat, we have a comprehensive menu of treatments, including three massage styles; Balinese, firm detox and aroma essence. These massages are unique to Aroma Spa Retreat. They are part of a ritual that prepares both you and your body for your treatment. This means the effect of the treatment is enhanced through our massages, which include a foot ritual and the famous Indonesian Jamu – a seeped ginger lemon tea which encourages the body to eliminate toxins and is part of most Indonesian healers’ remedies.

Aroma Spa Retreat offers a full range of body treatments including three massage styles, and packages that have been carefully formulated to provide relief and relaxation. Also, we offer a full range of aesthetic treatments such as manicure pedicure and facials. However, packages are our signature and we have a package to suit all needs and time restraints.

Also, we offer the TDA anti-aging treatment range, which is an age defying treatment that visibly reduces lines and wrinkle after one treatment. It’s done by boosting the lux hydration of the skin which is a huge issue in our modern world.

Lastly, being awarded Leading Luxury Spa & Wellness Retreat as part of LUX’s 2017 Health & Wellbeing awards, is a wonderful recognition of our business. This award underlines the beliefs and processes we have developed to deliver a superior experience to our clients. Here at Aroma Spa Retreat, we have the support of technology but our business is based on touch and the replenishing effect a trained and professional therapist can have on the way you feel in a relatively short time. In a fast paced media dense environment, the peace and solitude that we offer is where the health and wellness industry is headed, we are being recognised as a leader in this return to a gentler, quiet approach. It is wonderful to have an award that we can share with our hard working staff, recognising the extra that they put into their work, which shows in the effect that they have on our clients.

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