A Relaxing Getaway


The Grand Relax Spa & Wellness is a relaxing getaway for the body and the soul, mainly for people looking for a retreat from the busy lifestyle that many people lead, and want the security and peacefulness of a spa, with the ultimate wellbeing. We spoke to the team at Grand Relax to find out more about the Spa being featured as Leading Luxury Unique Spa & Massage Treatment Specialists in the 2017 Health & Wellbeing Awards.

Grand Relax Spa & Wellness was built under the direction of Dr. Masaru Emotto within a 800sq.m. The interior was designed with a Feng-Shui philosophical system. The Spa has been open for two years now and offers large scale of various services. Thanks to its unique know-how, during this short period the team has satisfied more than 14,000 of its customers from all over the world. The team at the Spa tell us about the manner in which its clients are treated and what efforts the firm goes to in order to satisfy them.

“Here at Grand Relax, we care about our clients, not only in a physical way, but we also offer spiritual treatments, such as Obelisk Therapy. We are starting to expand into the Czech Republic and foreign countries. For Grand Relax customers, we provide free transfers in a Maybach Limousine and are the only Spa in the world to offer Private Jet Flights to our customers.”

Located in the middle of the historical centre of Prague, Grand Relax Spa & Wellness is a perfect destination for clients looking to get away and enjoy their time at the spa. There are some guests that visit the establishment who are not well versed to the pollution of the city’s air and therefore are a bit apprehensive about attending the spa. However, the team find a solution to deal with this and provide a Tepidarium in which clients’ respiratory system is cleaned of the pollution.

This is a major benefit to many clients from all over the region, and it is a room with salty humid air with many minerals. This helps clients to breathe more easily, and in addition to this there is also the Saunarium. Guests are able to use the Saunarium or Tepidarium for quarter of an hour which prepares them adequately for their treatments and spa, relaxing the muscles and ensuring they are in the most comfortable position to feel the benefits of their stay.

Contributing to the success of the establishment is the measures it takes to improve its sustainability. The team explains how they utilise technology to improve sustainability, and allude to how much the company grows in different areas.

“On the technical side of things, we regularly control and take care of all our interior and facilities, ensuring safety standards are set, and performing quality control. One of the biggest assurances we can offer is our facility and service diversity, expanding into all kinds of solutions. Each year, we expand by 50%, and we still have new unimplemented ideas. In this year, we received many offers to cooperate with companies from United Arab Emirates, China, Canada and at the moment we are working on Grand Relax Spa & Wellness Franchising, and marketing, looking at how we can further improve our services and expand the brand.”

There are many aspects of the wellness market which the Spa are looking to target in order to attract more clients. The team tell us what their target market is, which kind of people they look to attract in order to get more guests and what products they have which may entice more guests.

“At GRAND RELAX Spa & Wellness, we welcome everyone who cares about its health in general or wants to spend quality relaxation time with many health benefits. Czech Beer Spa by Grand Relax is focused on any adult local person or tourist who wants to have the best experience with Original Czech Beer Spa. Essentially, our main customer target is 5 stars Prague´s hotel guests.”

Ultimately, the team sign off by telling us what they consider to be the most outstanding points of the spa services which they offer, and how this helps them to distinguish themselves from other spa’s in the region.

“Grand Relax employees consist of a team of professional receptionists, all of whom are trained to excellent European standards, and possess many years of international experience in hospitality. Regarding massages and cosmetic treatments, we cooperate with therapists and doctors with international Red Cross experience. and physiotherapists, who are able to fix serious muscle issue and give long term help within hours of treatment.

“Lastly, we offer 50 % discount on all our treatments for our partners and hotels as Marriot, Hilton, Imperial, Grand Majestic, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Mandarine, Kings Court, which is vital in attracting the main client base.”

Company: GRAND RELAX Spa & Wellness Company

Address: Na Poříčí 1052/42, 110 00, Praha 1, Czech Republic

E-mail: [email protected] Company

Tel: +420 606 162 142

Website: www.grandrelax.cz