Coffee Table Books: More Than Just Decorative


Coffee table books remain a staple of high end decorating, and yet they are often overlooked as mere trinkets that are simply for decoration. However, as we explore, a new wave of stunning coffee table reads are proving that there is more to them than meets the eye.

Coffee table books are designed to be beautiful and enticing, drawing the eye immediately to the focal point in a room and acting as some light reading material for the room’s occupants. However, often their content is dismissed as merely pictures; however, they can be incredibly informative and offer a great deal of insight into new avenues of interest.

One such book is The Treasures of Champagne by Tom Bruce-Gardyne. For connoisseur and newcomer alike, The Treasures of Champagne celebrates this remarkable liquid by exploring how champagne has become so deeply embedded in the world’s consciousness. Divided into four parts, the first section looks at the process of making champagne and how the subtle blend of grapes produces a notable house style, as well as the vintage years and the special cuvees.

This is followed by the history of champagne from the earliest makers to the present day and the global events which affected it. The third section provides individual entries on all the major champagne marques and some of the lesser known ones to. Each entry contains a brief history and explores the most notable traits of the houses’ products and includes tasting notes recommending brands to try. The final section examines the social and cultural impact of champagne, how it has become a part of certain traditions, links to entertainment in fact and fiction. There are a number of rare and removable items of memorabilia which provide an interactive reading experience and make this book a true work of art. 

Tom has also created another masterpiece designed to showcase the very best that Scotch Whiskey has to offer. His book, The Story of Scotch Whisky, goes on an incredible journey. Written by a Scotsman who considers it a blessing to grow up with Scotch whisky, you will learn about the history of whisky distillation, the famous men whose passion can be found in their special malts, and take tours of the main whisky regions, including the Western Isles, Speyside, Highlands, Lowlands, and Campbeltown, visiting some of the greatest names in the production of Scotch, The Glenlivet, Ardbeg, Glenmorangie, Balvenie, and Talisker-other brands (more than 100 of them) are available.

Overall, these two unique books showcase the true beauty of a statement book and establish why these living room stalwarts remain key to both decedent interior design and broadening your guests’ minds.