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Chelsea Design is a full-service interior design firm located in Miami, Florida. We profile the firm, named as one of our Ones to Watch for 2018: The Most Innovative Designers, to find out more.

Established in 2006, Chelsea Design was founded on a desire to design spaces that would be loved and enjoyed by their clients for many years. For over ten years, Founders Samantha McKenna and Regina Agro, along with their talented staff, have been translating clients’ dreams into vivid, threedimensional realities. Their services are available, for both high-end residential interior design and commercial interior design projects throughout the United States and the Bahamas.

Samantha McKenna was born in the Bahamas and was educated in London before deciding to relocate to New York where she began her design career working for some the most well-known movie production companies completing set designs. In the 1990s, Samantha relocated to South Florida where she began working for one of South Florida’s most prestigious residential interior design firms completing projects throughout the United States and Caribbean. In 2006, after founding Chelsea Design, she decided to open offices in South Florida and the Bahamas. Samantha leads all design projects and is a central figure in all client relationships. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, getting to know clients, understanding their needs and preferences, winning their trust and collaborating with them is at the heart of Samantha’s work; and it’s something she finds particularly rewarding.

Her Co-founder Regina Agro was born and educated in Philadelphia, PA. She would later relocate to New York City where she was the Vice President of one of the nation’s premier package design firms servicing many of the nation’s top retailers. After relocating to South Florida in 2003, she worked for one of South Florida’s most prestigious residential interior design firms completing projects throughout the United States and Caribbean. In 2006, she founded Chelsea Design with the goal of providing beautifully designed projects with a greater appreciation for client’s budgets and understanding of their needs. Through her direction and attention to day-to-day business, Chelsea Design has become a very successful firm whereby over 90% of its business is generated from repeat clients or client referrals.

The owners of Chelsea Design pride themselves on providing their clients a seamless process by continually being on site and extremely hands-on throughout the entire project. Agro and McKenna are always involved and consult on every aspect of their client’s projects and are present at all decision making-meetings. This insures that the work is performed to the highest standard and to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

Ultimately, to ensure that every client receives the design they need, Chelsea Design’s interiors differ markedly from one another, and are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client they are designed for. However, they all reflect Samantha and Regina’s personal aesthetic: their predilection for light, air and space; their pursuit of both simplicity and refinement; their emphasis not only on restraint but also on softness; and the importance they attach to materials and to texture.

Company: Chelsea Design

Contact: Regina Agro

Address: 7255 NE 4th Ave. Suite 115, Miami, Florida, 33138, USA

Phone: 001 1-800-765-8284

Website: www.chelseadesignmiami.com