Edible Cocktails: An Adult Sweet Treat!


Smith & Sinclair offer an innovative range of Edible Cocktails, offering a grown-up stocking filler for any cocktail connoisseur.

Determined to engage people in something beyond a swipe, Co-Founders Melanie & Emile set up a dating night in East London that encouraged attendees to play, communicate and connect on a level that went beyond the screen of a mobile phone. Think adult pick n’ mix set to set the tone, and the Edible Cocktails were born.

Soon it became apparent that the Edible Cocktails were creating a buzz as small orders came trickling in, with that the duo set up a market stall on Berwick Street where enough money was raised to set up a website. One week later, Imbibe (the UK’s largest Alcohol Trading show) put in an order for 20,000 units. What was initially thought to be a typo soon became the making of Smith & Sinclair. An army site, a few school kitchens and a couple of synagogues later to fulfil the order, lead to an approach from Harvey Nichols to create a consumer facing product.

Today the firm has flourished, and the company are now working with retailers such as Fenwick and John Lewis, as well as running their own sell out events and activations, and collaborating with incredible brands.

Edible Cocktails come in a wide variety of flavours, with a mixed selection, a gin selection and a vodka selection, offering such treats as ‘A Long Island High Tea’, ‘Godson’ and a ‘Rhuby Mule’, as well as classics such as Gin and Tonic, Whisky Sour and Spiced Rum.

These large, alcoholic versions of fruit pastilles are a unique gift for anyone who fancies something a little bit different for holidays this year, and also make the ideal end to an elegant soiree. They can be purchased online at:  https://www.smithandsinclair.com/