Josie Spencer to open solo-show “Murmuration” at The Playground theatre

3 – 19 May 2018

On 3 May 2018, Josie Spencer will open her new solo show at The Playground Theatre in West London. The title piece of the exhibition will comprise nine bronze sculptures, suspended within a 15 sq. ft. frame work in the theatre, surrounded by 14 of her related works. This will run alongside other projects of spoken work, theatre and music. Spencer’s exhibition, called Murmuration, explores themes typical of the artist’s oeuvre: She uses the expressive beauty of the human body to reveal “the vulnerability of our human relation to society in times coloured by corporate greed and political corruption”.

The bronze figures show Spencer’s grounding in classical expression; indeed, the process by which they are rendered has remained largely unchanged since the sixteenth century. However, the political and social impetus behind their creation reflects the artist’s passionate belief in “the inevitable human cost of the kind of political greed and dereliction of duty that leads to colossal systemic failures in today’s world”.

The display of the figures represents the exhibition’s namesake; a murmuration. A murmuration is “a gathering of creatures in which there is no central control; each behaves autonomously in the face of danger. In all species it is ‘the mechanics of emergency’.” Spencer asks us to consider “are we a society in slow motion free fall with everyone acting for themselves?” 

On Wednesday 9th May, Listenpony, a concert series and record label run by three young composers, will host a concert amongst the sculptures. The concert will feature 6 world premieres and performances from George Fu, an acclaimed young American pianist, and La Vaghezza, a baroque trio performing on period instruments. 

 All sculptures are for sale. Price range: £5,000 – £32,000

‘Murmuration’ at The Playground Theatre
8 Latimer Road London W10 6RQ

For further information on Josie Spencer, visit her website: