Ramsbury Vodka: The Perfect Winter Warmer


One of the UK’s only single estate English vodkas, Ramsbury Vodka is distilled, blended and bottled in a historic Wiltshire countryside belonging to the renowned Ramsbury Estate. We reviewed this sumptuous, smooth vodka to find out more.

Ramsbury Vodka which is one of the only single estate vodka’s in the UK, has such a lovely story behind it that makes it such a spectacular gift. 

Ramsbury is a fully integrated estate meaning that they try to grow everything themselves, waste nothing and they aspire to have no negative impact on the surrounding environment.  It is actually pretty awesome how they create their products, using ingredients solely from the Estate and they believe in true English craftsmanship. 

For their vodka, they grow home-grown wheat to produce the vodka and then feed their herd of cows with the leftover waste grains for example.  The vodka is also absolutely delicious and has recently won gold at the Vodka Masters. Medium bodied in texture, the vodka has a creamy vanilla flavour with an edge of buttery wheat. Not overpowering, the flavour enhances any accompaniment to make for the perfect drink, whether alone or mixed.

Each bottle lists the field name and wheat variety, when the wheat was harvested, when it was planted and when it was distilled, ensuring that drinkers can enjoy a refreshing beverage safe in the knowledge that this is truly a premium vodka.

As such, this smooth finished, strongly flavoured vodka makes the perfect gift for the discerning drinker this Christmas. Perfect for cocktails, mixing or to drink neat as you rest by the roaring fire, this is the ideal Winter warmer.