Spectacular Views, Fine Wine, Memorable Food


Treasure Sands Club is a luxurious restaurant located in The Bahamas, providing wonderful cuisine and memorable views to guests and tourists from all over the world. We profile the firm looking to explore the secrets behind 2017โ€™s Dining Restaurant of the Year from The Bahamas.

Treasure Sands Club was created to capture the unique beauty and colour of The Bahamas, with its own relaxed yet chic style. The restaurant is incredibly welcoming, being a place for guests to visit and enjoy and unforgettable pristine tropical paradise.

Essentially, with a vision in mind, the venueโ€™s goal is to make divinely delicious food in an exquisite environment, while contributing to the community through sustainable agriculture, healthy food access, social equity, and pre-school education, sparking inspiration in a new generation.

Not just content with providing striking views and delightful experience, the location is memorable for a variety of reasons, with unforgettable experiences ranging from beachfront chic to poolside elegance and tropical botanical bush.

Along with these wonderful views, the venue brings devotion to soul, soil, sea and seed with seasonal sensibility, as well as a love of cooking from simply prepared just-caught fish, to fruit and vegetables sourced from the local Bahama Woodstar Farm. Additionally, the Clubโ€™s kitchen garden and other local purveyors also provide a source for the products needed for staff to create such wonderful cuisine. All in all, throughout the restaurant, there is a fine collaboration fusing tastes from Europe with traditional Bahamian influences.

Food is information and a delicious translation of the natural world. A cabbage communicates the soil it was grown in; from relaxed and happy chickens, and are nourished with the gift of nutritious eggs- better for the animal, better for them. The experience of a well-prepared meal can make these connections powerful.

Ultimately, Treasure Sands Club has a lot to be excited about as it builds on its ongoing success. Benefitting from the surround local area, the food is fantastic and naturally sourced by staff, leading them to provide unrivalled customer service and taste within the region.

Company: Treasure Sands Club

Contact: Joshua Stivers

Email: [email protected]

Address: Treasure Cay Drive, Abaco, Treasure Cay, Bahamas

Phone: 1-242-365-9386

Website: www.treasuresandsclub.com