Digital Branding Trends Luxury Brands Shouldn’t Ignore

2019 Digital Branding Trends Luxury Brands Shouldn’t Ignore

In this increasingly tech-dependent and data-saturated world, it’s easy to pass on the new digital trends that come and go with each new year. However, as any owner of a successful high-end brand can tell you, many of the best industry practices today began as mere trends. These are a few examples of some such trends that have shed their temporary status, evolving into useful and sustainable business strategies for the digital world.

Create and Leverage Your Own Instagram Business Profile  
Instagram’s own website reveals that there are one billion individual users and hundreds of thousands of business profiles currently using the social app. You can leverage these numbers for your luxury brand by creating your own Instagram Business Profile. Among numerous features, this gives you access to the app’s built-in analytics program. You can use this to discover the locations of the people who are interacting with your posts, whether by browsing, hitting like, typing a comment, or whatever else. This free data on the users that have interacted with your brand can provide much-needed insight on how you can better connect with customers. In a previous piece, we detailed how data analytics can and should be by luxury brands to get a clearer picture of who their customers really are. The data-crunching tools needed to accomplish this are available, and they’re free – use them to your advantage.

Presenting Multiple Payment Options
This should go without saying for high-end brands, but some businesses need the reminder anyway. The more choices people have in terms of payment options, the more likely it is that they’ll actually engage with your brand. This is particularly true for digital-dependent brands. While not explicitly a luxury business, digital gaming provides a helpful model for understanding the concept. Sites in this category accept a wide variety of payment terms, including debit/credit cards, eWallets, Paypal, prepaid cards, bank transfers, pay-by-phone, and in some cases, even bitcoin. This allows the sites to reach a more expansive market and is one of the reasons the global online gaming industry is one of the fastest rising businesses in the world. Where luxury brands are concerned, the same efforts can be appreciated and effective. Luxury implies expensive purchases, and consumers are highly interested in keeping things as secure and convenient as possible. So, just as we see with gaming, a digital-dependent brand in this category can do very well simply by offering a variety of payment options.

SEO – Refined Videos
Search engine optimization (SEO) describes any and all methods designed to help your content appear at the top of people’s search engine queries. SEO used to be all about keywords and phrases relevant to your brand. But now, data indicates that videos today are shared 1200% more than text and link-based content, meaning many brands are embracing this newly explosive medium to get people to engage with their content. In terms of SEO, your video title, description, and video URL should carry as many high-volume and niche keywords and phrases relative to your brand as possible, without being unintelligible or coming across as pandering. The key is to strike the balance between being succinctly informative and managing to naturally work in relevant keywords. Use this strategy on Youtube, Instagram Live, TV, Facebook, or anywhere else your brand can post video content.

Ultimately, luxury is about having the best things in life at the palm of your hands. By leveraging these digital trends for 2019, you can get closer to providing this for your customers in the most efficient and natural manner, and boosting your business in the process.