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LUXlife Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards

United Kingdom, 2021 – LUXlife magazine has announced the winners of the 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards.

In a year that has hit the hospitality industry hard, the resilience and innovation of businesses throughout the global sector has been awe-inspiring. Restaurants and bars worldwide have demonstrated phenomenal entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to customer experiences to ensure that, while dining as we know it has been put on hold, luxury hospitality has continued to reign supreme on an international scale.

Thus, we are able to recognise the successes of some of the world’s finest food and drink establishments this year, paying tribute to the determination and hard work of the people behind the scenes – the chefs, owners, waiters, bartenders, front-of-house staff, kitchen staff, and more – who work in perfect harmony to deliver luxury dining and drinking experiences that are truly unforgettable. 

Speaking about this year’s selection of prize winners, Awards Coordinator Harwinder Pawar said: “We at LUXlife are proud to announce this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards winner’s. I personally would like to commend the efforts of all the businesses globally that took part in this year’s award program. Despite the huge losses the hospitality sector has suffered through this pandemic, you have managed to find ways to keep afloat and continue to deliver the very best. We are honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity of working with you.”

To find out more about the prestigious awards, and the celebrated businesses that have been selected for them, please visit https://www.lux-review.com/issues/restaurant-bar-awards-2021/ where you can view our winners supplement and full winners list.



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