Long hair can never go out of style. It is the best feature to have to get the goddess-like look. Beautiful, long, and healthy hair is a sure-shot formula for receiving compliments every day. There will always be at least one person who will boost your confidence by telling you how beautiful your gorgeous long hair looks.

However, behind all those compliments, there is a long and hard battle you fight every day and that is to style your hair. Gone are the days when just leaving them loose was enough. New styles that not only add a hint of glamour to your hair but also accentuate the shape of your face are now a trend. You can now choose from sleek straight hair with curls on the tips to different types of braids to express your fashion statement. With so many hair gadgets now available, one can easily sport different hairstyles almost every day! Doing a hairstyle doesn’t take ages anymore.

Here are some trendy hairstyles of 2021 that you can do easily without getting frustrated.


Side Braid

Braiding is the latest trend and obsession in the hairstyling world. There is something exotic about clean braided hair. Almost any type of braiding can be sported as a style statement. They are more practical than any other hairstyle as you can easily go about doing your daily activities without your fair constantly blocking your view. The side braided hair can get you ready for any type of occasion right from an elegant party to a BBQ party. Part your hair sideways and pull all of it on one side and start braiding gently to get this look in minutes. You can also turn your braided hair into a classic up-do. Separate your hair into two parts and form two braids. Then twist them around your head and pin them on top of each other to achieve a crown effect on your head.


Goddess Braids

Once you have got the basic braiding done, you can style these in so many ways depending on the occasion. Depending on your braider, goddess braids can be done anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours. You can then tie them in a ponytail for a formal event or twirl them nicely around your head to get an elegant halo effect. Once you have done the basic braiding, you can maintain them for several weeks. This gives you a chance to try out numerous hairstyles in a matter of minutes every day.

Beachy Waves

This hairstyle is easy to create. It doesn’t need fussing over for long hours but gives you the ‘Oomph’ look. You can even use it as a base style and then build around a more complex hairstyle from it. To get the beachy waves, use a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair so they can be styled easily. Dry your hair and split it into two sections. Using a curling iron, curl them from the top leaving the ends straight. Once you are done, use a wide-toothed comb to gently open up the curls. Finish styling by using a hair spray.


High PonyTail

Get ready for a high-profile business meeting or a cocktail party with a high ponytail. Prepare your damp hair with a leave-in conditioner and then blow-dry in the direction of the ponytail. This will allow a neater finish. Then use a straightener to flatten the tips or curl them with a curling iron depending on which style you prefer. Part your hair parallel with your ears and tie up the top half using a ponytail. Brush the lower part and then tie it up with the previous one using another ponytail. Use hairpins to secure the pony tightly. You can also cover the ponytail with twisting strands on your hair around it.

high ponytail
Sleek Straight Hair

We all know the effect of sleek straight hair for any occasion. However, though it’s a classic hairstyle, care must be taken to straighten it with an appeal that appears flawless and smooth. When done properly it can enhance your look for any occasion. It is best to try this hairstyle after a hair washes as the more fresh your hair is, the sleeker it will look after styling it. Start by blowdrying your hair straight and use a flat iron to make it as sleek and straight as possible. Aim for almost no volume. End your styling with a hair shine spray to create a shiny effect.


Bouncy Curls

Though this hairstyle takes a bit more effort than usual, the final effect will be worth it. There is something about bouncy curls that give an elegant and timeless beauty effect. Start by blowdrying your hair by lifting the roots as much as possible. Use a curling iron to curl your hair and secure them tightly in curlers with bob pins. Once your hair has cooled off completely (or give it as much time as you can), remove the curlers and brush your curls gently. Finish off with hairspray so it sets well for a long time.

Classic Waves

The classic waves are sure to get people’s attention to your hair. Use a hair serum to smoothen damp hair and allow them to dry. Use a curling iron and wrap at least one-inch strands of hair around it. The idea is to create waves and not curls. Use alternate directions while wrapping your hair around the iron. Once your hair has cooled off completely, use a wide-tooth comb to break the waves. Give the final touch with a hair spray.


How to Make Sure Your Hairstyle Stays In Place

After all the efforts you put into your hairstyles, the least you expect is that it stays beautifully at least for the whole evening. Healthy hair is easier to style so make sure you look after them well. Using the blow-drier and other heat-generating hair gadgets can cause long-term damage to your hair. Start by using good quality products for hair wash as well as hair masks and essential oils regularly. Another tip to healthy hair is to trim it every 6 to 8 weeks. This assures that the dead ends are chopped off and cause no further damage to your hair. Apart from this, a healthy lifestyle too can add a lot of benefits to a healthy mane of hair.

Also when styling, use branded and quality products to get the most of your hairstyle. Right from hair sprays to hair shine serum to leave-in conditioner, a good quality product assures that your hairstyle stays intact throughout the day.