Wedding Decor

If you’re just starting to plan your luxury wedding, say goodbye to microweddings and muted styles! The 2022 wedding trends are all designed to create extravagant events featuring unique elements and personal details to make the affair one to remember. We’re exploring these trends from engagement rings to wedding destinations to help you plan your dream high-end wedding.


Custom Engagement Rings

The desire for uniqueness and to stand out from the crowd starts with the ring, and what better way to create a statement than with a custom engagement ring. Our Raleigh jewelry store is getting more requests for rings that go beyond the traditional diamond solitaire, and we know this is common across the country. Jewelers are helping couples design their own unique engagement rings that have special meaning, whether it’s choosing different gemstones or crafting a one-of-a-kind setting that will be an heirloom for generations to come. Generic rings do not scream luxury and fit the tastes of every individual.


Bridal Makeup Looks

As 2022 wedding trends embrace extravagance and elegance, and wedding gowns are more intricate, ornate, and elaborate, bridal makeup looks are following suit. Bold, shimmering eye makeup and dramatic lashes paired with a nude lip creates a luminous look that is absolutely stunning as well as timeless. Top brands of makeup can be pricey but are worth it. Other bridal makeup trends include:

  • Pink lipstick – think magenta, fuchsia, or rose shades – paired with a minimal eye makeup.
  • Cat-eye or winged black eyeliner creates a fliratious yet dramatic look.
  • Soft, dewy skin with a natural, no-makeup look.


Maximal Wedding Designs

Wedding planners and designers are saying goodbye to minimalist designs in favor of maximalism. Luxury is not about simplicity regardless of what some wedding planners state.


Vibrant Colors Set the Stage

While earth tones and muted shades were all the rage a few years ago, weddings in 2022 are coming alive in vivid, vibrant colors that reflect joy and optimism. From bridesmaid dresses to floral arrangements and table settings, the trending tones are designed to make a statement. What are wedding planners seeing?

  • Jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue
  • Cherry red or watermelon pink paired with sea glass green
  • Marigold yellows softened with dusty blue tones
  • Violet blue taken from Pantone’s 2022 color of the year, Veri Peri


Floral Arrangements

Flowers and floral arrangements can truly set the tone for a wedding, so it’s not surprising that florists are tasked with creating a “wow factor” this year. Pick a luxury flower that pops like that of white roses. This includes:

  • Vibrant color palettes with unexpected color pairings. 
  • Using a wide variety of flowers rather than just a few types of blooms.
  • Intricate arches covered in hanging blooms and dramatic greenery
  • Organic, natural settings and arrangements rather than carefully shaped settings.


Artistic Elements

In 2022, every part of the venue or setting should be a part of the experience, so couples are adding more artistic elements and statement pieces. This includes hanging artwork on the wall or setting up temporary backdrops covered in artistic, patterned wallpaper. 


Formal Weddings Make a Statement

During the 2010s, weddings tended to be more casual and less formal, but as wedding trends in 2022 are leaning much more extravagant, there’s a notable increase in formal weddings with all the trappings. 


Large Guest Counts

Microweddings were necessary in 2020 and 2021, but after too long spent apart, couples want to bring everyone together. And we do mean everyone! As much as extravagance is the over-arching wedding trend of 2022, so is having a big, blowout event that celebrates more than just the wedding itself. Couples are wanting to celebrate being together with all of their friends and loved ones which means guest counts are growing to avoid leaving anyone off the list.


Black Tie

Couples want a more formal occasion, from ornate engagement rings, ball gowns, and white-tie tuxedos, and they want their guests to follow suit. Fortunately, guests are excited to dress up after so long of missing out on big events.


Champagne Towers

Custom cocktails were fun and quirky during the 2010s, but as couples are embracing elegance as well as vintage elements, champagne towers are making a comeback as the standout drink of choice. Plus, these delicate towers aren’t just eyecatching, they make the wedding toast more engaging, too.


Ornate Table Settings

Tablescapes are also coming back into style in which the tables are set with full place settings featuring gorgeous, often patterned dishes, proper silverware, and crystal glasses. It’s easy to incorporate your bold wedding colors into these ornate table settings, especially with elaborate floral arrangements at the table and luxurious tableclothes and cloth napkins.


Regency Era Flair

Blame it on the popularity of Bridgerton, but regency-themed weddings are all the rage this year, and it works perfectly with the desire for extravagance that couples are seeking. What does a Regency-themed wedding look like? Style and fashion wise, heirloom and vintage-inspired custom engagement rings are in high demand, brides are planning to walk down the aisle in dresses with puff sleeves and corseted bodices and white gloves, while grooms are standing up in white-tie tuxedos. Nothing screams class and luxury like a white-tie tuxedos.

And the wedding itself? They take all the wedding trends of 2022 and add a beautiful vintage spin on them. Prussian blue is the color to use as well as mounds of intricate flower arrangements (especially featuring wisteria, hydrangea, and hyacinth), table settings featuring delicate calligraphy, soft candlelight, romantic literary quotes, and ornate table settings are all featured.


Destination Weddings Around the World

After two years of travel restrictions, couples are choosing wedding destinations in international locations. This not only creates a one-of-a-kind wedding experience, couples get to spend more quality time with their guests and create truly memorable experiences by setting up food tours, boating experiences, or museum visits. The best wedding destinations around the world include:

  • Lake Como, Italy offers a historic, old-world luxury setting at the foothills of the Alps.
  • London is a unique setting that offers world-class hotels and venues fit for a queen (especially perfect for your Regency-era theme!)
  • Marrakech, Morocco features dramatic settings with beautiful architecture as well as luxurious venues with stunning Morrocan style and breathtaking views.
  • St. Barths is perfect for an intimate, laid-back wedding on a white sand beach.