The well-known app and fashion social network continues its expansion and launches in Latin America and Eurasia.

21 Buttons expands its presence and launches in Brazil and Russia reinforcing its international strategy. From yesterday, Sunday 09th, the fashion app is now available in both countries and throughout the month of June it will be launching in Mexico and Turkey to continue its growth strategy. After having recently launched in Belgium and Austria and now in Brazil and Russia, 21 Buttons will become active in 10 countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, USA, Belgium, Austria, Brazil and Russia).

The objective of the platform is to continue expanding globally and increase its presence in new territories until becoming a world leader and the number one platform in the digital fashion sector for all markets. It’s for that reason that 21 Buttons launches in two of the largest countries worldwide and “to give the opportunity to its citizens to enjoy discovering and shopping fashion with 21 Buttons”, says Marc Soler, co-founder and CEO.

Since it’s development in 2015 as the first fashion social-commerce app in the world, the company has been in constant growth, always transmitting the philosophy of quality and innovation that characterises the platform. As Marc Soler says, “Since the beginning, we are totally committed to our vision of revolutionising the world of fashion”.

21 Buttons has established itself as a market leader globally and the recent figures demonstrate this. Today the fashion app has more than 10 million registered users, it receives more than 22 million visits per month and more than 20,000 posts are uploaded per day.
This growth has been reflected internally and the company has tripled in staff resulting in more than 130 employees.

21 Buttons has a significant presence and has established itself as a unique social network and as a reference for the influencer industry and fashion brands. “Both the users and the brands in the sector recognise the added value that 21 Buttons brings to the table by combining the influential power of social networks with the possibility of directing traffic to brands, online stores and generating sales”, Marc Soler confirms.