Do you enjoy coffee? Do you prefer to brew it yourself at home, spending a lot of time researching coffee and how to improve your favorite morning drink in general? If so, you’re a true coffee connoisseur, yet you could still feel like there’s something lacking. Maybe you don’t know everything there is to know about coffee, or you don’t have the right tools to make that special cup of coffee every morning. Here are 3 main things that every coffee connoisseur should be aware of. 


1. A Travel French Press

Making your own cup of coffee in the morning is reasonably simple provided you have everything ready, from the beans to the machine, but what if you’re pressed for time? Or perhaps you’re on the road and concerned about the quality of coffee available nearby. Not being able to enjoy your favorite coffee in the morning might be frustrating. That’s why having a portable French press coffee machine is essential for every coffee lover. A French press machine is roughly the size of a thermal mug, if not slightly larger. It uses a metal filter that allows the natural oils to seep out of the coffee, resulting in a more natural and attractive flavor. It’s quick and simple to use, portable and keeps your drink heated for an extended period of time. 


2. The Right Coffee Machine 

No matter how high the quality of beans you get is, if you’re not using a high-quality coffee machine, you will not be able to enjoy the strong flavor of the beans. As a coffee connoisseur, you already know that not all coffee machines are the same, especially if they don’t come with a grinder. Some machines just have two settings and don’t extract all the flavor from the beans, while the Jura E8 machine allows you to choose your ideal grind and extracts every bit of the flavor to your cup. If you’re a picky connoisseur, and you like to grind your own beans because you have a certain taste, having a grinder at home along with your coffee machine is a must. It’s preferable to choose a machine that provides you with both features to save up space and time.  



3. Coffee Subscription 

What exactly is a coffee subscription? A coffee subscription is a service that delivers you a selection of coffee roasts and regional coffee beans on a regular basis. Subscribing to a coffee subscription service is advantageous since it not only saves you money through numerous offers and discounts but also allows you to regularly receive that precise coffee bean you prefer. It’s easy to use, and they deliver right to your doorstep.

The coffee world is vast. There are different types of beans, grinding levels, and roasts to choose from. When you’ve found the perfect flavor for you, you know it’s time to buy the right tools and supplies to make that amazing cup of coffee. If you enjoy your coffee fresh, invest in a coffee roaster and use your grinder to grind it as soon as it is roasted. This prevents the flavor from evaporating, allowing you to enjoy a truly fresh cup of coffee.