Classy, sophisticated, and timeless! People have been wearing watches throughout almost every era. Whether for fashion, to keep check of the time or for sentimental reasons, almost everyone owns a watch. But truthfully, not everyone knows how to style them. So, listed below are four key tips for styling a watch so that it fits perfectly with your outfit and the occasion.


1. Remember to Match

As a rule, you should match the shade of your belt with your shoes and then the straps of your watch with both. When wearing a watch purely for fashion purposes, the last thing you want to do is to have it clash with your outfit. So, if you’re wearing black shoes and a black belt, your watch strap should be black. Matching your accessories will create a much classier look and often stands out more than the clothes you’re wearing.


2. Change Your Straps

Sometimes the straps of your watch can deteriorate quicker than the face. If this occurs, you can simply change out the straps. Not only does doing this save you money as you’re not having to buy a brand-new timepiece, but it also gives you the opportunity to choose a different style. A leather watch strap for instance could be used when wearing a more formal outfit, whereas a fabric strap could be perfect for casual summer fits. You can explore your options over at Watch Strap Style if your current watch strap is wearing down, or if you simply want to upgrade your look.


3. Don’t Over Accessorize

This rule is a simple one. When styling a watch with your outfit, make sure that it compliments your attire. People typically want their watch to stand out on their wrist, particularly if it was an expensive purchase, so any other jewellery you choose to wear with it should be chosen carefully. If you want to wear rings, make sure they match (don’t pair gold with silver). You also should be careful about wearing a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch as this can be overkill if they don’t complement one another.


4. Wear a Watch That Represents You

It’s no secret that how you dress and carry yourself tells a lot about who you are as a person. When you choose a new watch, make sure it’s one that is going to go with your usual style. If you aren’t that interested in high-end pieces or flashy clothes, then wearing a dazzling watch may not be the best look. Ultimately you want to be able to wear your watch with confidence.


When it all comes down to it, how a watch is styled all depends on the individual who is wearing it. The tips outlined in this article, such as changing up your watch straps and matching it with your outfit, will help you to ensure that you create a look that works for you.