Family together on a holiday

Kids are a gift, but they can also create challenges that have to be overcome which wouldn’t have been on your radar prior to becoming parents.

Vacations are a great example of this, as you might assume that children and luxurious experiences don’t mix. However, with a little planning and strategizing, you can still have high-end holiday treats without risking meltdowns from the younger members of the group.


Pick a deal that bundles in tantalizing extras

Families are best served by all-inclusive vacations because these packages usually include something to suit everyone.

The convenience for families is that resorts which host all-inclusive guests will have ample attractions and activities to keep kids busy, while parents can enjoy luxuries and relaxation in the meantime.

Choose a deal in a destination with top tier accommodation, as well as on-site services like health spas, massage therapy sessions and other extras that are included. This is also a way to keep an eye on your budget.


Check out great places to eat in advance, especially at resorts (e.g. Disneyland)

Another scenario that crops up frequently on a family vacation is struggling to work out where to eat the evening meal. If you go to a resort, this is made doubly complex because there may be so many options to choose between, and this can leave you paralyzed by indecision.

Take Disneyland as an example. It’s a great destination for kids and grown-ups, and provides plenty of luxuries as well as all the attractions the little ones could ever want. There are also literally hundreds of eateries on-site, and mealtimes might become a chore because of this variety.

The answer is to use this best guide to filter your options of Downtown Disney restaurants according to whatever factors matter most to you. Crucially, you should also book in advance once you’ve made your selection, as this will also save you from disappointment, particularly if you’re visiting a resort during peak periods.


Don’t forget about off-site experiences

Resorts are all well and good, but they can also be somewhat restrictive in terms of the experiences they offer, or at least give you little motivation to leave the site once you’ve arrived.

This can keep you away from the more luxurious elements that a vacation could otherwise offer. The solution is to spread your research further afield than the resort itself, and consider what the rest of the nearby area has available for families, or just for parents who want to rekindle some of what their life was like before kids.


Include other relatives to get some me-time

Even when you’re on holiday, the job of a parent never ends, and it can be exhausting to look after your kids 24/7, especially in a new place.

If you’ve got other family members who could share some of this burden with you, and give you time to get away for those little luxuries that make vacations so appealing, this is worth considering.

You could rent out a vacation property that’s large enough to accommodate you, as well as the kid’s grandparents or an aunt or uncle. This could be both convenient and cost-effective, as well as giving you the multigenerational living experience which might be appealing to the little ones as well.


The bottom line

There’s no question that luxuries don’t have to disappear from vacations once you have kids. All it takes is a bit of imagination and preparation, and it’s definitely achievable.

Also remember that if you can afford it, letting children get a taste of luxury is a good idea, and something they’ll value more as they get older.