‘Tis the season, which can only mean one thing: shopping for Christmas gifts is about to get real!

But what are you getting *you*?

What are you pampering yourself with this holiday season, if not with a unique high-end fur jacket?

Nothing says timeless luxury like a fur coat and if you’re looking to buy one, now is the time to do it.

To help you in this endeavour, eFurs has created a list with the most sought-after coats to up your style game.

Are you ready to find out more about the different types of fur? We’re most certainly swooning over them already!

Mink fur coats – A top choice today

Soft, smooth, and shiny – almost wet-looking – mink is among the most popular fur types.

With a dense underfur that feels like silk to touch, it is considered a very high-quality fur, bound to make you stand out.

Darker colours, like black, brown and blue-grey are all-time-classics that never go out of style – an investment piece that deserves its spot in your closet.

Chinchilla fur coats – A must-have among fur enthusiasts

With a density of more than 20.000 hairs per square centimetre that makes it inhabitable to parasites, the chinchilla fur coat is among the most wanted types of fur coat today.

It doesn’t get better, or more luxe to be honest, than adorning ourselves in an oversized, lavish coat on a chilly day.

As a gift to a beloved friend, family-member, or simply to yourself, the chinchilla fur jacket will be a big hit – this year and for seasons to come.

Fox fur coats – The perfect fur vest does exist

Definitely take the outerwear route this holiday season but think outside the box: instead of your typical fur coat, invest in a cape, shawl, or vest to mix things up.

Fox fur shawls and vests can help you indulge while staying within budget. Isn’t that the whole purpose of gift-giving?

Exaggerated details, unexpected colours and different kinds of fur mixed together to add dimension, pair perfectly with both your casual and… not-so-casual wardrobe!

Cashmere coats with a twist – Luxury is in the (fur) details

Cashmere is a gifting staple – and for good reason; a material so elegant and luxe that not only does it warm up winter but our hearts as well.

Your office attire never looked better, trust us: a women’s cashmere coat with fur details on the collar, cuffs, or pockets will look great with your finest winter sweater.

Throw it over your everyday outfit and even your coffee runs will look straight out of a fashion magazine.

But enough with the different types of fur! What colour should your fur coat be?

Going for timeless elegance with a beige, black, or silver fur jacket or looking to add a showstopping pop of colour? The magenta coat is as fresh as they come!

No matter what you choose, eFurs can create the perfect fur coat for you, based entirely on your preferences and measurements.

With more than 50 years of experience in the market, this European furrier offers the know-how, consistency, and after-sales service you need.

Shopping online had never been easier!