Woman with pink hair wearing a chic tropical print dress

As we head into what is sure to be an unforgettable summer, our wardrobes have never been happier. Dopamine dressing emerged last summer as a long-standing trend and we swapped drab loungewear for bold statement clothing.

But if you’re a bit of an introvert, being daring with your fashion statements can feel daunting. Especially if your go-to outfit is a chic-but-understated black number. You can never go wrong with muted and neutral colours, but studies have shown that wearing loud clothing can actually boost your mood.

Here, we cover how you can dress like an extrovert and reap the dopamine-boosting benefits.


Be bold with your accessories

If your wardrobe is filled with classic whites, blacks, greys, and neutral colours, it might be daunting to jump straight into neon dresses and bright trousers. Build up slowly and introduce some fun into your outfits with out-there accessories.

Bags are bigger than ever this summer, so you can be sure that you won’t be the only one with a statement piece – something that might ease your anxieties if you’re dipping your toes into extroverted fashion for the first time.

You can either go for an oversized bag in an in-your-face neon colour or have some fun with it and choose a backpack with a quirky print. Florals epitomise summer, but you can also lean into your inner child and choose a bag with your favourite childhood cartoon print. There are no limits when it comes to fun, printed bags.


Mix up your prints

Speaking of prints, one of the hallmarks of an extroverted dresser is that they’re not afraid to go bold with their prints – and they’re certainly not afraid to mix them either. Once considered a fashion no-no, clashing prints are in. They epitomise our desire to throw out the traditional fashion rulebook and embrace fun and positivity.

For newbies, pairing a top half in a striped print with a bottom half in florals is an easy way to embrace the trend without it feeling too out there. Once you become more comfortable, you can opt for bolder looks. Busy ditsy prints can be paired with season-appropriate bee or ladybird designs. You can go monochromatic and stick to a similar colour theme or clash your hues too – it’s all about having fun with your fashion.


Play with your silhouette

Have you ever seen your favourite celebrity in a muted tone that still somehow has the wow factor? Chances are, it’s the silhouette that’s taking it from plain to standout. Wide-legged pantsuits, oversized shoulders, and exaggerated A-line dresses are all ways you can have fun with your silhouette and add an extra edge to your outfit.

You don’t need to go over the top when it comes to experimenting with your silhouette – not everyone will be a fan of huge ‘80s-style shoulder pads. But it could be as simple as wearing a dress with frilled detailing or combining a long, loose skirt with an oversized jumper instead of something more fitted. Dressing in a more extroverted way means ripping up the rulebook.


Lean into your favourite colours

The term “dopamine dressing” came about as we embraced bold and bright colours in our fashion after months of wearing grey, holey sweats in our home. It symbolises our new lease of life, a newly optimistic outlook on it. And it’s easy to see why – bright colours are playful, fun, and inherently happy.

Highly saturated colours are proven to boost our moods, but further studies have found that wearing clothes that have “symbolic value” to us can also improve our confidence. It makes sense – if you’re wearing something in a colour or print that is meaningful to you, you’re bound to feel more comfortable and confident.


Even the most introverted among us can have fun with their personal style. While in-your-face prints and colours might feel a bit bold for you if you prefer to not be the centre of attention, fashion is all about fun. If you’re trying out extroverted fashion for the first time, ease yourself in with some bright, bold accessories before moving on to clashing prints and out-there silhouettes. You’ll be reaping the mental health benefits before you know it.