Dubai itself is pretty extra when it comes to vacation spots — it’s not exactly a budget-friendly travel option. However, if you truly want to go over the top, choose one of these four holiday activities. 

4 Luxury Holiday Activities in Dubai

Over the last couple of years, Dubai has become one of the top destinations worldwide. Only in 2021, Dubai welcomed around 7.28 million overnight visitors from abroad. The city is open to everyone, but numbers say that Dubai holds first place among all cities in the world in terms of average daily tourist spending, with one person spending more than $500 per day

Given these numbers, city authorities try to adapt and keep creating new luxury facilities available in Dubai. The share of luxury real estate in the city continues to grow as well. There are thousands of luxury apartments, townhouses, and villas to buy and even more to rent. With all these options, it’s best to use the services of a reliable agency when looking for a place. You will not go wrong if you buy Metropolitan real estate or choose to rent an apartment through them. 

Liner Queen Elizabeth II

Only a true luxury lover will appreciate this exquisite liner/hotel. Once one of the most famous liners in the world, Queen Elizabeth II now operates as a floating hotel in Dubai. The most important feature of this “botel” is that it still retains the original furniture from the 1960s and paintings from the 1840s. 

Hotel visitors can take a look at the room where members of the Royal family once stayed. All the cabins are turned into fashionable hotel rooms. There is a concierge service and room service on Queen Elizabeth II. All the guests can use ATMs, fitness centers, and bars on board. Also, there are restaurants with gourmet cuisine and swimming pools available in the hotel. Queen Elizabeth II is now permanently docked in the Port Rashid Marina near the historical center of Dubai.

Meeting Dawn in a Hot Air Balloon

Dubai is surrounded by the desert, which is one of the appeals of the city. But driving in the most fascinating landscape of the UAE can take too much time and effort. The easiest and probably the most romantic way to explore Dubai’s surroundings is by renting a hot air balloon. Imagine a 40-70-minute flight over the national reserve at a height of 2,000-4,000 feet above the ground. The balloon flight will be an unforgettable experience and a completely new look at the dunes, the city, and the sea.

The most beautiful time to explore the desert is sunrise or sunset. You can rent a hot air balloon for a romantic date or take off the land with friends. Moreover, for an additional charge, you will be picked up from the hotel and taken right to the landing spot. The full tour often includes a delicious breakfast in a traditional Bedouin camp after the flight as well as a camel ride, dune bashing, quad biking, or desert safari. 

Drive a Supercar

An inevitable attribute of a luxury lifestyle is a supercar. It emphasizes the status of the owner. Even the police in Dubai have a fleet that consists of the newest models of Lamborghini, Bentley, and Aston Martin. So, as a proper guest of Dubai, you have to match the vibe and get yourself a supercar as well. 

Obviously, you do not need to buy a car while staying in the city for a few days. Instead, you can use car rental services that offer a wide range of the newest supercars. Here are some of the models that are available for rent in Dubai:

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 2019

Rolls Royse Cullinan 2021

Bentley Continental GT 2021

McLaren 720S Spider

Tesla Model Y 2022

Golden Skin Care

Finally, your luxury vacation will not be complete without a little pampering. One of the best experiences you can get in Dubai is going to a spa, like the Qua Spa at the Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai near Dubai Marina. You can do an anti-aging molecular facial or a relaxing body massage. Some procedures include treating your skin with 24-carat gold plates, platinum,  and pure collagen. Such treatments will prevent the aging of the skin, eliminate the signs of oxidative stress, and give you a youthful glow.