Seals on a beach in the Galapagos Islands

Most people think of a couple’s getaway as going to luxury beachside retreats or taking a romantic trip to cities like New York and Paris. But nowadays, more and more couples are opting for alternative vacations for their luxury getaway. 

Instead of going on a relaxing beach holiday as most couples do, some would visit adventurous destinations like Tanzania and Borneo. And, why not? After all, this is the perfect time to unwind and spend some quality time with each other. So, why don’t you take this opportunity to visit exciting destinations and partake in some fun, adventurous activities instead? Below, we’ve rounded up the top five alternative destinations where couples can go on a luxury vacation.


1. Borneo

Borneo would be a great alternative destination for couples who are drawn to nature and wildlife and are ready to tackle outdoor adventures. This giant, rugged island in Southeast Asia is home to interesting wildlife species, including orangutans and clouded leopards. Here, adventurous couples can climb Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest peak, explore the lush tropical jungles, and visit the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve, home to the endangered orangutans.

Borneo’s thick rainforest is the only place where you can have a close encounter with the orangutans in the wild. But spotting them can be tricky since they are usually at a distance. But at Sepilok, you can get close to an orangutan at almost an arm’s length. This sanctuary is a rehabilitation centre for the orangutans that have been rescued after being injured or orphaned. They are fed and cared for before being taken back to the wild.

Spend the rest of your days relaxing on Gaya Island at the Gayana Eco Resort. With its vast stretches of fine white sand beaches, the island is a great choice for snorkelling, diving, and swimming.


2. Alaska

Alaska offers plenty of activities for loved up couples looking to relax and spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle. This massive state is famous for its incredible nature and landscapes, world-class accommodations, and delicious cuisines.  

Alaska has two main travel seasons, summer, and winter. Summer is usually the peak season where visitors can take advantage of the many hours of daylight and easy access to national parks for a scenic hike. It’s also a great time to cruise near the glaciers, discover wildlife, and cosy up in a private chalet in the wild. In winter, couples can snuggle up in a glass-roofed igloo and marvel at the dancing northern lights! If you are the adventurous type, then skiing is a must!

For couples who seek luxury, stay at the Sheldon Chalet, perched on top of North America’s highest mountain, Mount Denali. This chalet is a true marvel for couples looking for an unparalleled holiday experience. Just south of Denali National Park is the charming Chelatna Lake Lodge, an epitome of rustic luxury. It’s the perfect setting for an ultimate Alaskan wildlife experience where you can marvel at the radiant colours of the Northern Lights on winter nights!


3. Abu Dhabi 

Take your partner on a romantic adventure in UAE’s capital city, Abu Dhabi. The city offers plenty of activities for couples to relax while enjoying some quality time. Experience the island way of life at the Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island and cosy up at the adults-only pool and swim-up bar. When evening comes, treat yourself to a private couple’s spa treatment, and end the day strolling around the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

For couples who love fast cars, schedule your visit during the Abu Dhabi F1. This prestigious Formula One motor racing event takes place at the impressive Yas Marina Circuit. And if you want to explore outside of Abu Dhabi and visit other beautiful places in the UAE, you should go for a fun driving holiday. There are lots of beautiful places within Abu Dhabi’s three-hour radius, so if you feel the urge to discover the other side of the country, rent a car, turn on your GPS, and drive to anywhere you want!

The UAE has some of the best quality roads in the world, so driving here should be comfortable and safe. The highways all around the country, including in Abu Dhabi, is smooth and well-developed.


4. Tanzania

When it comes to romantic getaways, most couples would prefer to go on a beach holiday, either in the Maldives or the Caribbean islands. But if you are tired of the usual, Tanzania would be a great alternative. Although the country is famous for its national parks and wildlife, it also has gorgeous beaches home to five-star luxury resorts and hotels.

The Lazy Lagoon Island Lodge is an excellent option for couples who want to relax in seclusion. Here, you can enjoy a private beach experience with personalised butler service. The lagoon has a dozen spacious beach bungalows with a balcony that opens to the gorgeous views of the seas. For a beach honeymoon coupled with world-class luxury, check out The Residence in Zanzibar. Sitting on a 32-hectare tropical land surrounded by the Muyuni Forest, this fancy resort has 60 luxury villas, each with its own swimming pool and terrace.


5. The Galapagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands are the perfect destination for adventurous and wildlife loving couples. Few places on Earth have as much to offer when it comes to rare wildlife species and natural beauty as the Galapagos. Here, you and your loved one can go on an island-hopping adventure onboard a luxurious catamaran. And as you explore the Galapagos National Park, be enchanted by the unique wildlife, and learn about the ground-breaking conservation projects happening within the park.

End the day enjoying romantic sunset dinners before retreating to your luxury cabin. Despite the natural atmosphere of the Galapagos, the archipelago is home to a variety of five-star resorts offering high-quality service, world-class accommodation, and top-notch comfort. If you want to sleep in comfort and luxury while surrounded by nature, check out the Pikaia Lodge. This eco-resort is designed for environmentally conscious couples. During the day, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of their own private Tortoise Reserve.