lake district

5 Cheap UK Student Holiday Gateways

After a long year of revisions, deadlines, and exams, you deserve a break.  You need to find a place to unwind and enjoy yourself, whether it’s on white-sandy beaches or in beautiful towns.

Find inspiration this holiday by checking out our five cheap UK student holiday destinations. There’s something for everyone on this list, whether it’s surfing, scenic beaches, historical sites, etc.

Best tips for cheap student travel and creating unforgettable memories

Find budget-friendly accommodation

If you want to save some money while traveling, then forget about booking a hotel. Instead, find a cute Airbnb or a nice hostel. Ideally, your accommodation would be near the city center. This will help save some money. Plus, with all the walking to the city center and back, you would be doing some extra exploring. Just make sure you grab your most comfortable shoes for this trip.

Book a free walking tour

Many famous cities offer free walking tours. Use the internet for something other than mindless scrolling on social media and book yourself a free walking tour instead.

Leave your credit card at home

If you do not want to be careless when it comes to money, here is a great tip. Simply leave your credit card at home. Paying with a credit card may be convenient; however, it often carries extra fees whenever you use it at the ATM or use it to pay for anything. Instead, make sure you take enough cash with you. And just to make sure, do take your debit card with you as well.

Take care of any homework beforehand

It’s easy to lose track of homework deadlines when your days are filled with holiday fun. Take care of this yourself by completing all your tasks in advance. Also, you can seek professional assistance from trusted and cheap essay writing service in UK, so nothing will interfere with your vacation. Keep in mind that even with so many distractions, it’s essential to complete schoolwork on time.

To pace yourself better, design a schedule for what assignments are due and when. Then break up the work into small chunks. Keeping your schedule in a place, you can easily see will help you avoid last-minute surprises.

5 Cheap Student Holiday Destinations in the UK

1. Suffolk


Students who desire a peaceful place to relax with friends should consider visiting Suffolk. Suffolk offers students a range of local pubs, charming towns, and a culture that rivals even the top European cities.  If that’s not enough, students get to enjoy live music, beer festivals, among other interesting activities.

Individuals who like to give their university rooms and wardrobe a makeover would love the unique independent shops in Woodbridge and the vintage markets in Southwold.

2. Lake District

lake district

If you’re not a sucker for crowded places, consider visiting the Lake District.  Once you’re done reviewing that pressing research paper or writing your custom essays, pick up your walking boots and camping gear and head to England’s most beautiful national parks.

Covering over 885 square miles, Lake District features the finest scenery in England, from the glistening lakes to green rolling hills to craggy mountains.  It the ultimate holiday destination for busy college/university students.  In addition, you can take part in several outdoor activities, including zip-lining, caving, and others.

3. Edinburgh


Edinburgh is one of the greatest attraction sites in the UK. It’s one of the cheap places to go over the weekend because you don’t have to spend a single dime to explore it. 

Walk along the Royal Mile that spans from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood House Palace. As you walk along the long stretch, you will get the chance to view old architecture and even buskers who regularly entertain people in pedestrian-only sections.

4. Pembrokeshire


Pembrokeshire offers students everything from 180 miles’ scenic coastal path, sandy beaches, and even castles. One of the historical places you can’t miss visiting is the beautiful Pembroke Castle, a breathtaking fortress located on the bank of River Cleddau.

Another place that’s worth visiting is Oakwood Theme Park, which is a hit in the area, all thanks to its thrilling rollercoasters and Roald Dahl-inspired lands. Animal lovers will get the chance to see the animals they like in Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo, or Manor House Wildlife Park.

5. Cornwall

St Ives

Located in the southwestern tip of England, Cornwall is arguably one of the best cheap holiday gateways for students.  Its scenic beaches with rip-roaring surf scenes will definitely meet your outdoor needs. You can also stop by the little harbour towns and grab some amazing items to transform your wardrobe and university bedroom.

That’s not all! Cornwall offers you’re an amazing nightlife, incredible surfing and skateboarding festivals, and music from great musicians like Wolf Alice and James Bay.  Students also get to enjoy the unique Cornwall culture and visit historical sites like St. Michael’s Mount and Eden Project. Cornwall truly has something for everyone.

It’s recommended you visit Cornwall at the beginning of the end of the holiday to avoid peak prices. 


There you have it, the top 5 cheap UK student holiday destinations.  Make sure you check out amazing deals and student discounts to save money and make the most out of your holidays.  All these gateways will offer you the excitement and freedom from your busy university schedule.