Bedroom Upgrade

Sleeping is a very important activity for all of us. Without sleep, one won’t be able to survive a day. Sleeping relaxes our body and brain. It gives our muscles some rest to restore their energy. Scientifically it is said that while sleeping a special type of hormone gets released which helps in releasing all the toxins in our body. According to statistics, a person spends almost one-third of his life sleeping in his or her bedroom. A person should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours daily.

While you sleep, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Our surroundings play an important role in controlling our sleep. We mostly sleep in our bedrooms and not only sleep, we rest, relax, do our work and spend some private time with our partner. Sometimes we don’t think much about our bedroom settings but for a change of atmosphere or to relax better we must upgrade our bedroom according to our liking and comfort. It will not only give a good visual appearance to your room but will also help you to sleep better due to the comfort and style.

Here Are A Few Ways Or Tips For You To Upgrade Your Bedroom:

 AVOID THE LIGHT: In today’s world where we have led lights and neon-lighted rooms, it is difficult to get away from light. Humans can’t sleep properly if there is too much light. Also, if there is too much light, there is then the release of an antioxidant namely melatonin which flushes out all the toxins from our body while we sleep. Also, before sleeping one uses his tab or mobile phones which emit blue light that activates your brain and causes hindrance in your sleep activity. So, it has been suggested for you to switch off your devices at least before one hour of bedtime.

Make sure that you keep your bedroom pitch dark to sleep peacefully. As soon as you shut down your lights there must be absolute darkness. Sometimes the street light can enter your bedroom and irritate your sleep and to counter this you can install light-blocking dark curtains in your room. These types of curtains can also help you to sleep during the day.


● HAVE THE RIGHT ACCESSORIES: It is always important to have the right accessories which will help you to sleep better. For example, people use heavy weighted blankets which give them so much comfort that they fall asleep quickly. Also, a person must choose the right size pillow to support their head and the back. There are different types of pillows available like the king-size pillows which help relieve muscle pain or the travel pillows which are suitable for traveling.

But for supporting the muscles on your lower area you need to have lumber-sized pillows. These pillows are narrow and their dimensions are 12 by 19 or 12 by 20 inches. They are usually the perfect size for a pillow, not too small, not too big.


● GET RID OF THE ELECTRONICS BEFORE BEDTIME: As said earlier that your laptop or mobile phone screens usually emit a lot of blue light which is very harmful especially before sleeping. Blue light excites your brain and keeps you awake. Staring continuously at the mobile or laptop before sleeping is harmful as it disturbs your sleep. Also, to keep away the stress of your work you must not keep any electronics like your laptop near you. You need to be calm and composed before your sleep and any kind of work-related event will come to your mind whenever you will start using your phone or laptop.


● NOISELESS ENVIRONMENT: You can’t sleep if there is too much light in your room and in the same way you can’t make too much noise in your room also won’t let you sleep. To sleep peacefully in a calm and peaceful environment is very much preferred. There can be noisy neighbours or honking of vehicles and barking of dogs which might disturb your sleep and not let you sleep peacefully. A solution to these problems can be a white noise machine which cancels out the external noise in your bedroom or you can use earplugs which are comfortable for your ear.


CHOOSE THE RIGHT MATTRESS: You need to sleep on a good mattress. If you are sleeping on a bad mattress then that can cause you a lot of pain in the back and your joints. Also, an unhealthy mattress can cause dust mites which can cause severe dust allergies and due to that, you won’t be able to sleep perfectly at night.

You might want to choose your mattress according to the size of your bed and with the huge variety of mattresses available in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose one. For couples needing extra space on the bed, they can opt for any bed size among the queen size and the king-size bed. These two-bed sizes will provide ample sleeping space on the bed. Now if you ask why to choose between a king v/s queen bed size, the king mattress size is about 76 inches by 80 inches and the queen mattress is around 60 inches by 80 inches.


● HAVE SOME INDOOR PLANTS: This might happen to you that sometimes you might feel stuffy inside your room and as soon as you open the windows and fresh air starts coming in you feel relieved. This problem can be solved with indoor plants that release fresh oxygen into the air. There are many plants nowadays available in the market such as areca palm, snake plant, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, etc. that can be said to be some good indoor plants. Indoor plants not only release fresh air inside your homes but also give your room a natural look which makes the room look better.


The Bottom Line

These are the few tips that one can refer to to upgrade their old bedroom to a new one. Also, those having a problem in waking up in the morning due to the use of dark curtains can use wake-up gadgets like a wake-up alarm that changes its light from white to red in the morning giving you that morning feel and helping you to wake up on time. If you are not able to sleep at night and don’t feel comfortable enough in your bedroom then it’s high time that you should modify your bedroom a little bit according to the tips and this will help you to sleep better and give you a good feeling whenever you will enter your bedroom.