For a first date, opt for an activity that gets your blood pumping

First dates come with a lot of pressure for both parties. Settling on a day, planning outfits, and the most nerve-wracking one has to be finding the best date activity. The main idea is to know each other more and gauge your chemistry in real life. It is advisable to make plans that allow you to communicate and interact freely.
Here are some of the best first date ideas to ensure you have a blast and get you a second date.


1. Comedy Show

If you’re hoping to create a long-term bond with someone, it’s important that your sense of humour ranges on the same wavelength. This way, you don’t have to worry about being inappropriate or too corny. And what is a better way to test this than a comedy show? This is one of the best first date ideas during Covid since you can opt to just watch a show from home.
Laughter is a great way to take the edge off, and it makes it easy to have deeper and more meaningful conversations. However, you won’t be able to converse much during a show, making this a perfect window for a dinner date. If you had a good time, you’d have lots to talk about while waiting for your meal.


2. Art/Cooking Class

A hands-on activity allows you to learn more about your date than you would from a back and forth conversation. Do they listen? Do they have a creative inclination? Are they a perfectionist? How do they handle the pressure?
In a cooking class, you learn how well you can work together. Art classes allow you to converse as you encourage each other through the class.
You don’t have to be perfect at these activities. In fact, the willingness to be vulnerable allows for a deeper bonding experience.


3. Wine Tasting

Nowadays, you don’t have to live in Napa Valley to enjoy this activity. There are vineyards everywhere, so you have to look up tasting rooms near you. Now once you score a date on this app, it’s time to figure out how well they know their bottle and if they can handle it!
You can call ahead for the program and ask about the types of wines available. If there are several vintners in the area, you can always make a day out of it.
Alternatively, you can reduce the hassle by going to a wine bar. If none of you know much about wine, consider a wine bar with a guide who’ll see you through your experience. You can enjoy wine by the glass or enjoy wine flights of mini samples, depending on the bar.


4. Try Axe Throwing

You don’t have to be good at it, nor does your date. However, axe throwing activities allow you to bond with your date, develop a new skill, compete, and still have a blast.
This activity has its numerous advantages. For starters, it is impossible to have a dull moment from the moment you set foot in the axe-throwing bar.
In addition, you get to experience each other’s temperaments. How competitive can they get? Are they comfortable with trying new stuff? How well can they handle losing or winning?
Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have made an impression with your date. You’ll be the date who took them axe throwing!


5. Trivia Night

Trivia nights are one of the best first date ideas for the smarty pants. It is also a great option for those struggling with anxiety.
Trivia nights are a great gauge of how passionate you are about different topics and how good-natured or competitive your date is while playing.
Most trivia nights are often hosted at bars, so you can get a bottle of your favourite wine or beer. A few drinks take the edge off, so you can be at ease and be yourself.
When picking out a trivia session, ensure you’re both equally informed and uninformed about the categories. Nobody wants to be embarrassed on their first date.



It’s okay you are nervous about your first date. But you might be surprised at how fast time flies when you’re having fun. So ditch those traditional date plans and slot in some excitement today!
What are some of your favourite first date ideas? Leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!