Goa Villa

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s been a significant change in how companies work these days. Many companies have defied the longstanding tradition of being confined to an office, giving workers a chance to work from home. 

But if you are tired of working from home and are dying to relocate to some fantastic destinations, then you will have plenty of options. In fact, digital nomads have been living this life for a long time, working while having fun at some of the world’s most exotic destinations. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some of the incredible places to stay whilst working remotely.

1. Roatan

Roatan is the largest and most developed of all the Bay Islands in Honduras. It’s surrounded by warm, crystal-clear tropical waters and extensive coral reefs, making it a haven for scuba divers. It also has a vibrant history, colonised by the British and Spanish. When you choose Roatan as a base for working remotely, you are guaranteed to have a whole lot of fun. 

There are various accommodation options as a guide in Roatan, from luxurious villas to resort-style accommodations and condominiums. Some of these properties are located in quieter locations on the island, allowing you to work in peace and quiet. Yet, despite their remote location, these properties are fitted with modern amenities, including a fast Wi-Fi speed.

When you’re not working, there are plenty of things you can do in Roatan to keep you entertained. The clear and calm waters of the island and the proximity of its coral reef to the shore make it an ideal place to learn diving. There are a number of excellent dive operators in Roatan that offer PADI courses, which is definitely worth a try if you’re interested in taking up this sport while living on the island.

2. Kauai Island 

Life in Kauai is simple, which is why many digital nomads and remote workers are lured into setting up a base there. This beautiful Hawaiian island is known for its stunning beaches, scenic hiking trails, breathtaking mountains, and lush rainforest. And if you choose to come here for a workation, you will have easy access to all these magical places. 

Another reason why Kauai is such an excellent place to work remotely is there are some awe-inspiring luxury Kauai rentals that you can book for the long term. Some are oceanfront villas that overlook the majestic views of the sea. Others come with a private pool and other luxurious amenities. Staying at beachfront villas means you can go to the beach anytime you want, even during your work break. 

If you enjoy the lush scenery and love the beach, you will absolutely love living and working in Kauai. The North and East coasts of the island exemplify absolute beauty. Beaches are sprawled across the entire island more than any other island in Hawaii. So, if you’re looking for a destination to work remotely, head to the Garden Isle. Its lush greenery will make you feel more productive at work.

3. Goa

Goa is India’s smallest state, famous for its 130 km stretch of palm-fringed beaches. Although if you venture inland, you’ll also encounter interesting sites, including colonial churches. If you live in Goa whilst working remotely, you can spend your weekends partying at the beach or exploring ancient churches built during the Portuguese colonisation.

Before you move to Goa, you need to decide where to base yourself. Thankfully, Goa is small, and you could travel from North to South within only a few hours’ drive. North Goa is a busy area and may not be the best place for working remotely. But if you want to have easy access to the best dining spots, including the nightlife and shopping, this area is an ideal place. 

South Goa is much quieter, so it’s a great place to establish a remote work base. It’s less developed, and home to quieter eco-resorts that offer long term stays. The beaches in this area are also less crowded. 

4. Seville

Seville is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. If you choose to live and work remotely in Seville, you will spend your days discovering a vibrant architectural and historical legacy. You will also learn more about the things that make up the Spanish culture, such as flamenco, sangria, and tapas.

Seville is compact, which means that you are never too far away from the historic centre regardless of where you will stay. And if you do decide to stay outside of the city centre, you can take advantage of the public transport to travel. The city is very safe to explore and has very low crime rates. Of course, you also need to exercise caution, especially when going out at night. 

If you want easy access to the city’s top attractions, consider staying at the city centre. The area is pedestrian-friendly, so if you feel like taking a break from work, you can simply walk through the atmospheric squares and check out the city’s top attractions, like Catedral de Sevilla and Real Alcázar.

5. Ibiza 

Ibiza may be known as a party island, but it’s an unexpectedly great place to work remotely. In fact, the ex-pat community on the island is abundant. Others would come only for a season, while many others have opted to stay for a much longer time, especially digital nomads and those who have the privilege to work remotely. 

Ibiza is a great base for remote work because there’s a wide range of long-term accommodation options, from luxury cutting edge Ibiza villas to apartments and condominiums. Most of these properties are fully furnished and can be rented for as long as you want. They come with modern facilities, including a spacious working space with fast Wi-Fi connection. 

The island’s north is ideal if you prefer to stay in a quiet neighbourhood away from the crowds. It’s also home to beautiful beaches that are far less crowded than the ones in the centre.