Anniversary at Home

People look forward to wedding anniversaries because they’re a great excuse to do something special with the love of your life. You may have planned to rent a boat or take a luxury vacation. Now you have to spend your anniversary at home because of social distancing orders.

It isn’t worth it to risk your health and safety to have a special day when you can enjoy one at home. It’s time to get creative and learn a few new ways to appreciate your anniversary and celebrate the love between you and your spouse.

These five luxurious ways to celebrate at home will help you re-envision your anniversary this year. Enjoy the time you have with your spouse and reflect on the many happy memories you share without leaving your house.

1. Use Your Fine China

Most households have a set of fine china they only break out for special occasions, like holidays. Why not use it on your anniversary, as well? It’s worth it, whether you have to pull it out from a display cabinet or dig through the attic. The special dishware immediately makes your meal more romantic.

2. Order From a Fancy Restaurant

Many restaurants have adopted delivery and pick-up ordering methods so they can stay open during the economic shutdown. Research the fanciest restaurants in your town and see if they’ve done the same thing. You can order online and have a five-star dinner delivered or make it a date and pick up the food together. This is an excellent option for couples who wanted to go out instead of cooking at home.

3. Watch Your Wedding Video

If you can’t think of a good movie to watch together, pull out your wedding video. You may not have watched it since your wedding. It’s the perfect reminder of the joy you and your spouse shared that day and gives you a romantic way to spend the evening.

Create a lavish movie experience and make gourmet popcorn recipes with special toppings you can include in your next grocery order. 

4. Create an Elegant Centerpiece

Using romantic decor is the key to setting the mood for your anniversary. If your main event is enjoying a meal together, you can create an elegant centerpiece to be the focal point of the room. It’s a visual reminder of the special evening and can last for days afterward.

You may not be sure where to start with your centerpiece, so think about the date of your anniversary. People often celebrate milestones with traditional materials, like wood for your fifth anniversary or silver for reaching 25 years of marriage. You can find these materials around your home and include them in your centerpiece for a classy nod to traditional celebrations.

5. Set up a Spa Room

Going to the spa is another way many couples spend their anniversaries doing something fun. It’s a relaxing treat you don’t often get to do, which you might have had to cancel because of county or statewide stay-at-home orders. 

Instead of giving up your spa dreams, set up a massage parlor in your home. Decor like candles, low lights, calming music and essential oils will relax and refresh you, perhaps more than a trip to your favorite resort. Give your partner a massage and follow a muted demonstration video if you’re not sure what to do. Take turns relaxing together and you’ll feel pampered without requiring a professional masseuse. 

Consider Your Partner

Think about what your partner wanted to do for your anniversary and see how you can recreate it at home. Whether they’d prefer to have a fine-dining experience or get a massage in your decorated living room, you can still celebrate a luxurious anniversary during quarantine.