Welcome to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Some refer to it as the city of a hundred spires but in truth, there are more than five times this number today. That being said, this city is home to more than the numerous spires which crown the skyline. Unless you are a local historian or tour guide, you might miss a few of these attractions. But never fear! Even if you are only in town for a few hours, Prague luggage storage gives you the option to free you to view these for yourself without physical limits. Additionally, we are here to give you insight on which of the many attractions are the must-see of the bunch. So, without further ado, let’s look at five must-see attractions in Prague.

1. The Charles Bridge

No matter the time of day, or even wherever you find yourself on this bridge, you will feel like you are standing amid a Lord of the Rings movie or something similar. The medieval origins of the bridge itself contribute to this but the real point of interest are the statues which line both sides of the bridge. Think of these statues as a physical timeline you can walk through – each one is related to a historical person or event. So not only will you find yourself stunned by the physical appearance of everything, but you can learn a thing or two as well.

2. Prague Castle

How many people can say they have been to the largest castle in the world? After you visit Prague Castle, you can join this exclusive list. The interesting thing about this piece of history is that while it is a fully functional tourist attraction, it still operates as the office of the President of the country. It is not often you can say you shared a physical dwelling with the leader of a country so if for no other reason, you may want to pay this location a visit. Of course, seeing just a few of the seven-hundred rooms of this castle is appealing as well so be sure you do not overlook this attraction.

3. Wenceslas Square

But what if you tend to be more of a shopper while on vacation? It might be the itch to find something to remind you of this beautiful country is undeniable and you know as well as anyone, the airport simply will not do. The historic Wenceslas Square can meet all your retail needs – both modern and historical. Obviously, this can only be done with the right luggage. But time and again people have found unique solutions to their international purchases. Should you want both a taste of true Czech culture and some souvenirs, make your way towards this breathtaking spot. As the cherry on top, the National Museum just so happens to sit adjacent to this square, so a visit here is a win-win-win.

4. Prague’s Astronomical Clock

If there is one word to describe Prague, it is old. And that is not a slight in the least – it is a compliment in fact. The world has this way of moving on from its past quickly. Bigger and better seems to be the first choice regardless of the topic at hand. This is hardly the case in Prague as evidenced by the existence of the world’s oldest operational clock, the Astronomical Clock. At first glance, you may once again believe that you are in a fantasy movie. But is that not what seeing the world is all about? Stepping out of your normalcy and into something vivid and engaging? This clock could be just what you need to bring about that moment in your personal travels.

5. Hop aboard a boat and see what you can!

Try as you might, you will never see such a large and history-filled city in one day. It just cannot be done. But, you can at least get the CliffsNotes version of Prague thanks to the geographical advantages of having a river run right down the middle of the city. Of course, should you choose the right boat tour, you’ll find yourself in an immersive experience led by a well-versed tour guide. Assuming you want to inundate yourself with as much Prague-related information, there may not be a better way to spend your afternoon here.

Truth be told, these options only begin to scratch the surface of all there is to see and do in Prague. Do not be afraid to do a little exploring of your own! You might just come across a hidden gem capable of making this list.