The walk in wardrobe is rapidly becoming a big trend! It’s now a must have for many middle-class homes. They have always been a symbol of luxury and the functionality of its features can ultimately bring a sense of order in to your life.


A walk in wardrobe can be like stepping in to Narnia. Inviting and luxurious, walk in wardrobes can bring a sense of joy in to your home. They can make your house feel more attractive and ultimately add value to your home. 


If you’re anything like Carrie Bradshaw and dreaming of a walk in wardrobe, here at Hammonds, the fitted furniture company, we have put together our top 5 reasons you should consider a walk in wardrobe.


1. To keep organised

Having a walk in wardrobe in your home will enable you to see everything you acquire. They provide sufficient space for storing all your items. Prioritise hanging space and consider every last detail such as storage solutions for your jewellery collection.


A dedicated space for your clothing and accessories will create efficiency when getting ready. Take note of the KonMari method, storing like items in one place with full visibility, allows you to take account for everything you own, preventing yourself from unknowingly buying more of the same thing.


2. Create multi-functional space

A walk in wardrobe can create a multi-functional space. Having a dedicated dressing room will provide a private and personal space. Additional features such as a dressing table or even a dressing island will provide extra function within your room whilst also creating a space of comfort. Adding mirrors will allow you to check out your outfit choice at multiple angles and will make the room look bigger.


3. Care for clothes

Walk in wardrobes can encourage ventilation and help with the prevention of mould and mildew. Having the extra hanging space allows your clothes to breath and because everything isn’t jammed together, you can reduce the chances of creases, which usually creates more ironing!


Hammonds fitted wardrobes come with tops, backs and sides, making the furniture stronger and preventing your clothes from getting dusty.


4. Beautifully display collections 

Showcase all your prized possessions with the various interior designs you can choose within your walk in wardrobe. Take advantage of the numerous shelving, hooks, racks and other display units and be proud of what you own.


5. Make use out of awkward spaces

A well-designed wardrobe provides optimum use of the available space. They can be custom built for your storage needs, so that can utilise any awkward or redundant space. Alternatively, if you’re considering extending your home upwards, the loft can make a great space for a walk in wardrobe.